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Criminal defence solicitors in London

The services provided by our defence solicitors address to both companies and persons, who have been accused of committing a certain criminal act. If you are facing criminal charges in the Magistral Court or Court of Appeal, our defense solicitors in London may offer you assistance and advice on the drafting of the documents relevant to the case. 

Assistance for criminal cases in London

Our criminal solicitors in London can cover a wide range of criminal cases. If your company is involved in a criminal case or you need to find out if the company may become liable in a certain situation, our defence solicitors can offer you assistance and representation on matters such as: fraudulent trading, money laundering, copyright infringements or frauds committed by the employees of the company.

Our solicitors in London can assist individuals in dealing with their criminal charges in matters related to fraud, robbery, attempted murder, drugs traffic and other criminal offenses. If you are involved in a case in which your assets are confiscated, you will require the assistance of our experienced defence solicitors; the solicitors can also represent you in the situation in which a restraint order has been issued on your name. 

Our defence solicitors can offer their assistance in serious crimes, such as kidnapping, perjury or in road traffic offenses, covering all areas of criminal charges that may arise from here.   

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Defence system in London

From a legal point of view, when a person is charged for certain types of crime, the local police authorities have the right to arrest the individual. In most of the situations, the person being held at the police station will be arrested for 24 hours, but, according to the case, the detention period may last longer. When charged, the individual will receive a hearing date at the Magistrates Court. 

After being charged, the Magistrates Court will set a bail for the release. Furthermore, the Court will ask the person if he/she pleads guilty or not guilty. If he/she pleads not guilty, the Court will establish a trial; less serious criminal accusations are dealt with in the Magistrates Courts and the most serious cases will be handled in the Crown Court. 

The next step is the trial itself and, if the person is not found guilty, the charges drawn on him/her will be dropped. If the Court decides the person is guilty, he/she will receive a sentence which will be enforced by the local authorities. Regardless of the result given by the Court, the defendant will have the right to appeal the case. 

If you need further information on the criminal defence cases, please contact our defence solicitors in London for assistance. 

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