Business Crime Representation

Updated on Friday 13th May 2016

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Businessmen, either local or foreign involved in a case such as business crime, should know that they are in full rights to receive legal advice and support from our criminal defence solicitors in London. Our lawyers can provide business crime representation in any type of business crime as bribery, corruption or fraud

Business Crimes in the United Kingdom

Present days, London is one of the largest business centres in the world (locally contributes with over 22% of the country’s total output), making our country not only a very attractive market to invest in, but also one of the biggest targets for business crime. Nowadays, criminals get more organized and the reasons for targeting businesses are various, although the most important remains the financial gain through fraud. And the biggest targets are on small or medium companies, due to the fact that they cannot reduce the fraud impact when they are victims of business crimes. This fact decreases the confidence of customers and, starting from here, the wellbeing of economy is affected.

The most known types of business crimes in UK are:

•    fraud;
•    bribery;
•    money laundering;
•    corruption

Legal advice for business crime cases 

Our defence solicitors in London can provide specialized support in a various range of business crime cases and can legally represent you in:

•    bribery cases;
•    money laundering and fraud defence (including investment fraud);
•    corruption and confiscation of assets cases. 

In order to find out about our wide range of specializations, please contact anytime our solicitors in London for assistance. 

Also, you should know that FCA (Financial Conduct Authority) is the legal power in United Kingdom who has all the authority to impose penalties such as fines or even to retract the authorization of a business suspected of a business crime.

Our criminal solicitors in London can represent you in case your company is suspected of financial misconduct and can legally support you and offer the input to any authority that is in charge with investigation of a crime in the business field. 

In case your company is suspected of misconduct and you need representation in a business crime case, please contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London


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