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Criminal Defence Solicitors in London

The services provided by our criminal solicitors in London address to both companies and persons who have been accused of committing a certain criminal act. If you are facing criminal charges in the Magistral Court or Court of Appeal, our criminal defence solicitors in London may offer you assistance and advice on the drafting of the documents relevant to the case.
 Quick Facts  
Types of clients for which we offer our legal services

Both natural persons and companies can benefit from the services of our criminal defence solicitors in London.

Cases that require legal representation

- drug offences,

- drink and driving offences,

- theft charges,

- serious fraud,

- domestic violence,

- tax fraud

Business crime representation 


- bribery,

- extortion,

- financial crimes,

- credit card fraud accusations 

Defence for corruption cases (YES/NO) Yes
Representation for companies involved in fraud cases (YES/NO)


Investment fraud representation 

Business owners accused of market manipulation or real estate investment fraud can get in touch with us.

Bail application

We can handle the formalities with the Police Station and Magistrates' Court.

Police station representation (YES/NO)


Representation in the court of law

We represent our clients at the:

- Supreme Court,

- Court of Appeal,

- High Court,

- Crown Court,

- Magistrates' Court

Legal aid offered by our defence solicitors in London Depending on the case presented and the financial situation of the client
How can our fraud solicitors represent you?

We analyze the case presented, evaluate the chances and provide specific defence strategies.

Tax evasion solicitors

Our defence solicitors in UK can represent clients accused of tax evasion and related crimes.

We can represent minors in assault cases

We collaborate with parents or tutors of minors involved in crimes. Legal advice is offered.

Legal support for extradition

Extradition cases might get complicated, therefore, you need special legal representation.

Free case evaluation 

Our lawyers provide varied solutions and evaluate the case presented.

Assistance for criminal cases provided by our criminal lawyers in London

Our criminal solicitors in London can cover a wide range of criminal cases. If your company is involved in a criminal case or you need to find out if the company may become liable in a certain situation, our defence solicitors can offer you assistance and representation. We can help you with matters such as fraudulent trading, money laundering, copyright infringements or frauds committed by the employees of the company. Our criminal lawyers in London can assist individuals in dealing with their criminal charges in cases related to fraud, robbery, attempted murder, drugs traffic and other criminal offences. Also, the following cases can be overseen by our team of criminal defence solicitors:
  • if you are involved in a case in which your assets are confiscated, you will require our assistance;
  • we can also represent you in the situation in which a restraining order has been issued on your name;
  • our criminal lawyers in London can offer their assistance in serious crimes, such as kidnapping, perjury or in road traffic offences;
  • our team of criminal lawyers in London can cover all areas of criminal charges that may arise.

Searching for the right criminal defence solicitor

Our criminal lawyers in London are specialized in a wide range of criminal offences and can provide you with the guidelines you need. They can support you throughout the process and can offer their input to the authorities in charge of your case. Also, when you search for a criminal defence lawyer, you should know that it is necessary to look for specific competencies at your legal representant, like:
  • to be a good specialist and to be qualified in criminal law. You can check a criminal defence lawyer at the Law Society in London to see what specialization he/she has and if he/she is a member of the Criminal Litigation Accreditation Scheme;  
  • experience is a must when you choose your attorney because a skilled one can provide you with a higher level of trust and also can offer a better result in the case;  
  • trust and commitment, are two qualities that you must find in every individual, but especially in your solicitor;
  • you need one you can trust and know that he/she will do everything legally possible to obtain the best outcome in your case.

Our defence legal services are recommended also for people who do not meet the requirements for legal aid or who prefer not to be ruled by Legal Aid. As a reminder, our criminal solicitors in London will prudently evaluate the information you offer, read through the hearing case if available, advise you on the strengths and flaws of it and will detect the proper method for you in order to accomplish the desired result. Contact our criminal lawyer in London for details.

If you are looking for a team of fraud solicitors in London you can get in touch with one of our specialists. Both companies and individuals can be represented by our lawyers in a wide range of cases. Among these, we mention bribery, money laundering, investment fraud, etc. In case you do not agree with the verdict issued by the court for your case, we can appeal it if you wish. More about our legal services can be discussed with us if you contact us.

A criminal defence solicitor for serious offence charges

Cases like possession of drugs, armed robbery, fraud, arms trafficking, prostitution, blackmail, intellectual property offences, or money laundering are considered serious offences and are punished with years of imprisonment. Persons accused of serious offences have the right to an attorney who can represent their case, starting from the police custody and ending in the court of law. Our criminal defence solicitors can help you apply for bail and can negotiate the terms with the authorities.

Interested in the services of our legal aid solicitors in London? One of our experts can represent you and propose a series of strategies to solve the presented case. One can be eligible for legal aid under certain circumstances and depending on the case presented. Even minors can be represented by one of our specialists, mentioning that the Legal Aid Agency in UK is the institution that makes the required verification before legal aid is accepted.

Legal representation for young offenders

Young offenders can be accused of different crimes and can deal with other types of punishments, different from the ones for adult offenders. Such cases should involve a particular legal representation as the legislation in this matter can be properly explained by our criminal solicitors in London. Many attorneys in the UK legally represent young offenders with problems, but it is suggested to choose the experienced ones who solved important cases.

Before choosing a lawyer for a teenager with legal problems, parents or tutors need to make some investigations via the internet, check with the Law Society in UK and read about similar successful cases, or among relatives or acquaintances who dealt with such legal problems in the past. A criminal defence lawyer is able to provide you with complete legal representation in serious cases when a teenager is involved. Please consider that our team of criminal solicitors in London has a vast experience in cases of young offenders.

Legal assistance in a criminal lawsuit

As it is known, a lawsuit is multifaceted and can turn into an even more complex one if additional evidence is presented or if the consequences are severe. If you have decided on our criminal defence solicitors, you should know that they can explain all the stages involved in a criminal lawsuit in UK. Moreover, you can benefit from complete support at every step of the lawsuit, starting with legal representation at the police station if you have been arrested. If you want to choose a criminal lawyer in London and you don’t know how to start, it is recommended to find out information about the lawyers who represented similar cases. As for a lawsuit in UK, this will start with a preliminary hearing in a court of law where the evidence and the accusation are presented. If probable cause exists, a hearing will take place, a stage where your solicitor will be present. Also, witness declarations and cross-examinations will represent the next stages in a criminal lawsuit in UK. The closing arguments take place in front of the magistrates and the jury, and then the verdict is presented in the court of law. If the offender is found guilty of crimes, a verdict will be issued. In the case the offender is not found guilty, the charges can be dropped. In any case, our criminal defence solicitor in London will be on your side verifying the case and preparing the defence for your case. Even if you are found guilty of crimes, your criminal defence solicitors will continue to work on your case and appeal the verdict, in order for you to have a reexamined case.

Cases in which persons are accused of possession and/or consumption of drugs might be quite complex without legal representation. We suggest you discuss with our drug lawyers and see how you can be helped from a legal point of view. We can verify your case and if the evidence is not sufficient to sustain the accusation, there are many chances for these to be dropped. You should get in touch with one of our experts in the field and discuss more on this topic, if interested.

Defence system in London

From a legal point of view, when a person is charged with certain types of crimes, the local police authorities have the right to arrest the individual. In most situations, the person being held at the police station will be arrested for 24 hours, but, according to the case, the detention period may last longer. When charged, the individual will receive a hearing date at the Magistrates' Court. After being charged, the Magistrates' Court will set bail for the release. Furthermore, the Court will ask the person if he/she pleads guilty or not guilty. If he/she pleads not guilty, the Court will establish a trial. Less serious criminal accusations are dealt with in the Magistrates' Court and the most serious cases will be handled in the Crown Court

The next step is the trial itself and, if the person is not found guilty, the charges drawn on him/her will be dropped. If the Court decides the person is guilty, he/she will receive a sentence that will be enforced by the local authorities. Regardless of the result given by the Court, the defendant will have the right to appeal the case. More details you can receive from our criminal defence solicitors.

Can I appeal a sentence with the help of a criminal solicitor in London?

According to the legislation in UK, people involved in a trial where a sentence has been decided have the right to appeal the courts’ verdict. In order to make an appeal, an individual who does not agree with the Magistrates’ Court decision needs to make proof that there were procedural errors, with the proper help of our team of criminal defence solicitors in London. Besides that, if you consider the judge did not completely analyze the facts and the circumstances of the case or if the decision is not in accordance with the legislation, you may appeal the sentence. Legal assistance and correct interpretation of your case will be provided by our criminal lawyer in London.

How do I apply for bail?

Individuals involved in a police investigation, where a certain criminal offence took place, are kept in custody until the first hearing, but they can apply for bail, in order to be released from prison, under certain conditions. We are specialized in bail application cases, which is why we recommend you ask for help and guidance from our legal advisors, who can correctly analyze your situation for the best possible result. We remind you that a person released on bail will be monitored until the first hearing in a court of law. Meanwhile, he/she must provide the police with all the details regarding the home address and he/she is advised not to leave the country. Ask our criminal solicitors in London for comprehensive information on this matter.


What cases are dealt in the Magistrates’ Court in UK?

Summary offences, either-way offences and indictable-only cases like murder, rape, or robbery are dealt by the Magistrates’ Court in UK. This important court of law comprises a district judge, three magistrates, and no jury. As for the decisions of the Magistrates’ Court in UK, the following information can be entirely explained by our team of criminal solicitors in London:
  • the court can decide if an offender can remain or not in police custody;
  • the magistrates can release individuals on bail under certain conditions;
  • the court can issue sentences of 6 months for a single offence;
  • the court can issue sentences of at least one year for multiple offences.

How are minors trialed in the court of law?

Minors accused of offences are trialed in the Youth Courts in UK in the presence of the parents or tutors, three magistrates, a judge, and no jury. All offence cases with minors in UK are treated seriously, and youngsters can be sent to special rehabilitation centers under certain restrictions. We suggest you talk to one of our criminal lawyers in London for complete guidance and legal support in this sense.

Legal support at the police station offered by criminal defence solicitors in London

People sent into police custody due to certain accusations related to criminal offences have the right to solicit legal assistance. Our clients are advised not to make any statement before we analyze the case and the circumstances. We remind that the police officers are enforced to explain your legal rights while in custody. If you find yourself in police custody, it is recommended to solicit the legal services of our team of criminal defence solicitors.

Ask for defence in financial crime cases

Profits made through illegal methods or deceitful procedures are often met in the business environment on an international scale. The same is available for UK where the authorities are struggling to control this worrying phenomenon. Fraud, money laundering, bribery, and corruption, or electronic crimes are part of the financial crimes met in UK. If you find yourself accused of such crimes, we suggest you address immediately to our criminal solicitors in London and ask for complete legal advice.

Defence for murder provided  by our criminal defence solicitors

Persons accused of crimes in UK, whether committed intentionally or not, should ask for legal representation in front of the authorities. The loss of control where a person died, suicide pacts or diminished responsibility cases where a mentally ill person executed a crime are considered murder cases for which complete legal support can be offered by our team of criminal defence lawyers in London. We have a vast experience in such cases, so please feel free to get in touch with us at any time.

We invite you to watch a video about the legal services offered by our criminal defence solicitors in London


Defence for corruption cases - legal advice from our criminal defence solicitors

Corruption and bribery cases are treated seriously in UK and it is strictly forbidden to offer money or other benefits to certain individuals for personal favors. Depending on the seriousness of the case, offenders found guilty of serious crimes like corruption and bribery should solicit legal assistance from our team in UK. We can handle such cases and we can help offenders apply for bail, offer legal representation at the police station and in the court of law. 

Legal support for extradition

The transfer of a criminal or a convicted person to another country is called extradition. This transfer can be made by authorities in foreign countries to UK, with respect to the applicable laws in UK and foreign states. Because it is a matter of a serious case, especially if a crime is involved, let us remind you that complete legal support can be offered by our criminal defence solicitors in London. The Extradition Act that stands at the base of this procedure offers information about the European Arrest Warrants, plus details about the agreements between UK and other countries worldwide and the ways in which the extradition can be made. We mention that an extradition hearing will take place in front of the authorities, and legal support is at the disposal of UK offenders who are accused of crimes in other countries. 

Victims of domestic abuse

Are you a victim of domestic abuse? Are you a person accused of domestic violence? It is recommended to solicit the services of a criminal defence solicitor in London and find out information about how he or she can handle the case from a legal point of view. Forced marriage, emotional, physical and financial abuse are only a few of the serious crimes involving bad treatments and inappropriate behavior against others. It is strongly recommended to ask for legal support and find out how you can report domestic abuse.

On the other hand, if you have been accused of domestic abuse, it is suggested to talk to a solicitor in London who can verify your case and the charges involved. A strong defence in your case in front of the authorities will help you get rid of the charges, plus the penalties or the restraining orders which can determine the case. Let our team of criminal defence solicitors handle your case, whether as a victim of abuse or as an offender accused of such crimes.

Fraud solicitors in London

Locals or foreigners who are charged with different types of fraud offences must know that they can ask for legal representation from a criminal solicitor in London. Any person, accused of committing or being involved in any fraud offence case and who is under the observation of the authorities or detained, has the legal right to ask for a criminal defence solicitor in order to defend his/her rights. Our team of criminal defence solicitors can provide support throughout the process starting with a proper advice and legal representation in the case of trial or offering their input to the authorities in charge with the case. 

The fraud by abuse of position usually involves individuals with influence and important positions in a company, who no longer protect the finances and the assets of that enterprise, but instead perform crimes to gain easy money in a short time. The fraudulent way of gaining money with the help of benefits of an important position in a company is considered a serious offence in the UK and it is punished in accordance with the laws in this country. If you have been accused of fraud by abuse of position, it is strongly recommended to ask for legal help and advice from our criminal solicitors in London. They have comprehensive experience in this area and can provide you with legal representation in the court of law, by adopting the suitable approach in your case.

A false representation adopted by someone who wants to gain money in different ways is considered fraud in the UK. For instance, numerous persons are trapped in phishing scams where they are solicited to give details about the bank accounts they own. Besides that, any other form of false representation which aims to deceitfully gain money is punished with imprisonment. Persons accused of fraud by false representation or victims of such serious offence have the right to get in touch with a criminal defence solicitor. Certain evidence will be solicited in this matter, in order to prepare the case and to acquire the best possible result.

Corporate fraud solicitors in London

Corporate fraud refers to false accounting records, illegally increased profits, the refuse to pay taxes, confidential company information used for personal benefits or misrepresenting company products on the market. These are only a few examples of corporate fraud that can be detected in a company at a certain point. Unfortunately, there are cases of corporate frauds discovered quite late when the losses are huge or cannot be recovered. The consequences of corporate fraud are vast and persons accused of such crimes should talk to our corporate fraud solicitors in London for complete legal advice and representation in front of the authorities. We mention that a solid defence can lead to positive results for persons accused of corporate fraud.

Computer hacking solicitors in London

Cybercrimes are widespread all over the world, and the UK makes no exception. Accessing bank accounts without authorization, stealing personal information, identity theft, attempting the national security information are only a few examples of computer hacking crimes that can take place in a moment of vulnerability. The first thing to do when dealing with internet scams is to report them to the authorities and to get in touch with one of our computer hacking solicitors in London for complete legal support. As a measure of precaution on the internet, it is best to stay away from suspicious emails or websites and avoid any announcement or add that promises huge prizes in exchange for varied information. 

Defence for civil fraud

The Fraud Act 2006 is an Act of the Parliament of the United Kingdom and it concerns England, Wales and Northern Ireland. The Act gives a constitutional definition of the criminal offence of fraud, describing it in three groups:

•    fraud by false representation; 
•    fraud by failing to disclose information;
•    fraud by abuse of position. 

Many victims of fraud don’t know that they may have grounds to engage civil actions against the offender of the deceit or to pursue a civil lawsuit. There are a variety of tools available in the civil courts to help victims recuperate their losses with bigger speed, flexibility, and control. Our criminal defence solicitors in London have suitable experience in complex, substantial and frequently high-profile civil fraud cases on behalf of appellants and perpetrators. When civil fraud is suspected or exposed, the first steps of the defence are crucial. Our team of advisors will read, analyse and also summarize your civil fraud case, in order to provide instant strategic and tactical advice. Our criminal lawyers in London have suitable experience in pursuing and defending any type of fraud-related claim.

Employee fraud solicitors in London

Theft of cash, expense reimbursement fraud, inventory theft, vendor fraud, bribery schemes, commission fraud, procurement fraud, and worker’s compensation fraud are types of employee fraud that can take place in a company. In many cases, such crimes are discovered after a long period of time, even after a few years, leading to bad consequences like imprisonment. We mention that your case can be properly represented by one of our criminal defence solicitors who have a vast experience in this field and who can give legal support from the beginning. 

Defence for benefit fraud

Benefit fraud is an extremely specialized part of the law, which deals with persons receiving benefits which they are not entitled to. The British government engages in a lot of scrutinies when it comes to its expenses. We are therefore faced with numerous allegations in regards to this matter. Benefit fraud is considered a criminal offence in the UK and it is different from benefit overpayment, that can occur due to other causes. Our criminal defence solicitors in London can offer in-depth legal advice for persons accused of benefit fraud.

The following examples are considered types of benefit fraud in UK for which individuals can be heard by the authorities in charge:

• intentionally failing to let the benefit office (the Department for Work and Pensions) know about one’s real financial situation at the time the benefit was claimed;
• intentionally failing to let the Department for Work and Pensions know about one’s real family circumstances, like if someone is claiming benefits as a single parent, but is living together with someone;
• utilizing false identity or fake documents to claim benefits;
• intentionally not letting the benefit office know about a change of circumstances that can affect one’s entitlement to benefits.

Our criminal defence solicitors in London can provide more details on this matter. In benefit fraud cases, the prosecution has to demonstrate further than “reasonable doubt” that an individual has the intention of getting a government benefit being aware that he or she did not have the right to do so. The defence for benefit fraud can be built around the claim that the individual in charge did not know that he/she was not entitled to that particular benefit, that his/her statements to the benefit office were factual and he/she genuinely believed in the right to receive such benefit. Every case is unique and just because the Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) claims you have received a benefit you do not have the right to get, it does not imply that you have committed a serious crime. The level of seriousness in a case of benefit fraud will be established by the authorities in charge, in compliance with the applicable law.

FAQ about the defence services provided by our criminal defence solicitors

1. Can I receive defence for financial crimes in UK?
Yes, our specialized solicitors in financial crime cases are at your disposal if you have been accused of such offences or if you are a victim. Complete legal advice can be offered for cases of fraud, money laundering, bribery and corruption, market abuse and insider dealing, terrorist financing or electronic crimes.

2. How can I apply for bail in UK?
One of our criminal defence solicitors in London can take your case and apply for bail on your behalf. Individuals who are kept in police custody have the right to apply for bail and be represented by a criminal lawyer. We mention that the police bail comes with a series of conditions and requirements that need to be considered, such as not leaving the country or get in touch with persons involved in the case.

3. Can I obtain legal aid in UK?
Yes, legal aid can be obtained by individuals who have been involved in domestic abuse cases or are about to lose their homes. Legal aid can also be requested in cases of forced marriage. A series of conditions need to be respected at the time a person requests legal aid in UK. One of our criminal defence solicitors can tell you more about this aspect.

4. How can I appeal a sentence?
The decision of the court in UK can be appealed as the British legislation states. Appealing a sentence can be made on a series of grounds and considerations, if, for example, procedural errors have been detected or if all the facts of the case have not been taken into consideration. One of our criminal defence lawyers in London can help you appeal a sentence.

5. What happens if a sentence is suspended?
In the case of suspended sentences, offenders involved are obliged to observe the conditions for community sentences and do unpaid work for the community. Moreover, offenders are banned to visit certain places or individuals and will be supervised by a probation officer.

6. Can I receive legal advice for terrorism accusations?
Yes, individuals who are accused of terrorist acts can be represented by one of our criminal defence solicitors in London. Immediate legal assistance can be provided to persons who are accused of terrorist acts in UK.

7. Can I receive defence for murder?
Yes, if you have been accused of murder, you should ask for immediate legal advice and assistance. It is important to have the support of a criminal defence solicitor for murder accusations in UK. Such cases can be quite complicated, therefore, a solid defence is needed. Feel free to talk to our advisors as soon as possible.

8. What is benefit fraud?
Benefit fraud involves the cases in which persons received a series of material benefits without having such rights. This is considered a criminal offence in UK, and if you have been accused of benefit fraud, you should get in touch with a criminal lawyer in London.

9. Can I avoid a lawsuit for criminal charges?
Yes, cases like business crime, investment fraud or money laundering might be solved without a lawsuit, if a solid and well-prepared defence is provided. Instead of a lawsuit, financial penalties can be imposed.

10. Can I ask for a defence lawyer if kept in police custody?
Yes, you can receive legal advice and support from one of our criminal defence solicitors in London if you have been arrested and kept in police custody. It is important to know your rights from the beginning.

11. When do I need a criminal solicitor in London?
Offenders can receive legal advice for serious offences, for minor offences, for money laundering accusations, when applying for bail, when appealing a sentence or for gambling fraud accusations.

12. Can I get the support of a tax evasion solicitor in London?
Yes, a tax evasion solicitor in London is needed for persons accused of false tax declarations or involved in different tax evasion cases. Expert legal advice can be solicited from our tax evasion lawyers in London.

13. Can I appeal a conviction to the Crown Court?
Yes, with the help of our criminal defence solicitors, you can appeal a verdict to the Crown Court. If a person did not plead guilty and was sentenced, he/she has the right to appeal the verdict to the Crown Court.

14. Can I get defence for drug offences?
Yes, drug offences are serious crimes for which a solid defence is needed. One of our criminal lawyers in London can offer immediate legal advice for persons accused of drug offences in UK.

15. Why choose us as your defence lawyers in London?
The experience in a wide range of crime cases stands at the base of choosing one of our criminal defence lawyers in London. They can properly analyze your case and provide suitable legal assistance and support. We can represent you in cases like murder, manslaughter, business crimes, appeal to sentences, police bail, and many more.
If you need further information on the criminal defence cases, please contact our criminal solicitors in London for assistance. We also have numerous collaboration with lawyers outside of UK, for instance the reputable Law Firm RPS Legal in Netherlands, specialized in Commercial Law and opening companies for foreign investors. In case you need corporate services in another country, for example in Singapore, our partners specialized in setting up companies in this jurisdiction, can help you - OpenCompanySingapore.com.

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