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Updated on Wednesday 11th August 2021

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We have a reliable team of criminal defence solicitors who have extensive expertise in different cases of serious and complex crimes (business crime, confiscation, extradition, money laundering etc.) and road traffic offences. We cover a wide range of crimininal cases which are handled by a large number of experienced solicitors in each area. Sexual offences, drug offences, burglary and robbery, white collar crimes, driving offences, actions against the police, fraud and serious violence are among the fields in which legal support can be provided by our criminal solicitors. It is important to know that our law firm has offices in London.
Our criminal lawyers in London have been in charge with many high profile cases and they are client-oriented, with a results-driven approach. Our clients are natural persons, corporate entities, government units in the UK and abroad, celebrities. One of the main areas of expertise for our team of criminal defence solicitors in London is business crime also known as white-collar crime. We represent clients involved in frauds, money laundering cases, bribery, corruption, etc. We also handle complex crime cases and represent our clients in front of Crown Court and Court of Appeal. 

For more information about our team of criminal defence solicitors in London and the legal services offered by them, you can contact us