Defence for Account Takeover

Updated on Monday 04th February 2019

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An account takeover occurs when a criminal accesses your private data found on your computer and acts on your behalf. This means that he/she can control your bank account or computer account and make varied financial transactions or other actions. This kind of fraud is part of the cyber crime category for which offenders found guilty can be sent to jail. Our team of criminal defence solicitors in London have experience in cases involving individuals accused of internet frauds and online scams and can provide you with the necessary legal support in the court of law.

What happens when a bank account is breached?

Unfortunately, there are many situations in which persons discover that their bank accounts have been accessed and used without permission for varied financial transactions. In other words, the account takeover is the type of cyber crime that takes place on the internet through all sorts of tools and unsafe links accessed by mistake by a person. Regrettably, fraudsters have lots of methods through which they can take over an account, whether it’s the mail, the computer or the credit card. Malware scams or phishing are the most common tactics used by computer criminals or hackers who want to gain money, private information or act on behalf of someone else. As an immediate response when finding that the bank account, for example, has been hacked, the victim should seek help and report the fraud as soon as possible. The police in the UK are also dealing with cyber crimes, whether natural persons or companies are involved. When looking for support as a victim of internet fraud, it is best to ask for legal advice, a matter where our defence solicitor can help. 

Accessing unprotected websites

An account takeover starts when a person accesses an email with a curious title and content. Such emails can contain varied financial offers, games, and photos with links meant to attract a user to click on them. This is the time when specific viruses and programs enter a computer, taking over the account and accessing the personal information. Moreover, the fraudsters having access to your name, email and bank account can start doing varied transactions on your behalf like money transactions and transfers among many others. There are cases in which a person cannot detect the fraud in time, however, if the account was taken over, it is important to act immediately.

How can I protect myself against identity fraud?

Stealing someone’s identity with the purpose of using the bank account is a serious cyber crime for which criminals can go straight to jail. Luckily, there are many ways through which an individual can protect himself against internet frauds:
  • suspicious emails asking for identification and personal bank account details should be blocked and/or erased immediately;
  • a financial institution will not contact a person to ask for private information related to personal finances and accounts;
  • if you detect unauthorized financial transactions on your account, you should get in touch with the bank and find out what is wrong;
  • emails announcing you have been selected for a special money prize should not be accessed. 
Identity fraud takes many forms, and a person should pay attention to the ways he/she controls and offers private data. For instance, it is recommended not to provide your bank account via the internet, on websites or via the email. It is best to announce the post office and the bank you work with when moving to another place, in order for the institutions to direct your bank statements and notifications to the new address. Identity fraud and internet scams are widespread, and the consequences are severe, letting a person with empty bank accounts. If you are a victim of internet fraud or if you have been accused of cyber crimes and account takeover, please feel free to immediately get in touch with our criminal defence solicitors in London for complete legal assistance.

Legal support offered by a criminal solicitor in London in cyber crime cases

Dealing with internet frauds and account takeover is for sure unpleasant and unexpected in most cases. However, there are many persons who get trapped and have their identities stolen once they do not protect themselves on the internet. Looking for legal advice in such cases is extremely important because most of the victims have no clue about their rights and no idea about what to do next. A criminal defence lawyer in London can help you report an internet fraud and can provide the legal advice you need in such cases. On the other hand, persons accused of cyber crimes, among which the account takeover, should ask for legal representation whether if they are guilty or not. A solid and well-prepared defence will in most cases lead to a positive result in the court of law.
You are invited to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London and ask for legal advice in cases of internet frauds.