Defence for Advance Fee Fraud

Updated on Monday 04th February 2019

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Frauds on the internet make lots of victims on a daily basis, even though the authorities are struggling to stop such crimes in the UK. A worrying phenomenon is the one related to the advance fee frauds which involve victims that pay a specific sum of money for which they expect to receive some awards or benefits. In reality, fraudsters will only have access to your bank account and get the money they want without anything else in return, except an empty bank account. If you are a victim of internet crimes or if you have been accused of cyber crimes, we strongly recommend you get in touch with our criminal defence solicitors in London and ask for complete legal advice.

What is a lottery fraud?

Lottery frauds are probably the most common type of internet scams a person can meet. Potential victims are informed through an email that they are about to win a big lottery prize, of course, under certain circumstances. In this case, the individual is asked to get in touch with an official from the lottery company and quickly respond to the email announcing the big wins. The fraudster will then solicit the personal information such as identity card or passport and then ask for a specific fee or advance tax payments in order to release the false winning prizes. Unfortunately, the hackers will continue to ask for money and give false information and reasons why the prize you won is not offered yet. And the bad news is that many victims offer information about the personal bank account hoping that the winnings will be deposited directly in that account. This is definitely a wrong move because the victims will see that their bank accounts are empty. If you have been a victim of advance fee frauds, it is recommended to ask for complete legal support from our criminal lawyers in London. Also, if you have been accused of internet frauds and kept into police custody, it is advisable to ask for legal advice and benefit from the right to remain silent until you are represented in front of the authorities. A criminal defence solicitor in London has a vast experience in cyber crime cases and knows how to respond in the court of law to such accusations. A solid and well-prepared defence will lead to a positive result in such cases.

Working from home scams – What are they?

Another serious internet fraud which involves an advance fee is the one related to the work from home scheme. In other words, you are invited to start a business and work from your domicile, and for this to happen you will be asked to pay an advance fee, in order to receive different products which later they seem worthless. Such offers may come as an attractive advertisement or emails promising varied business and money opportunities without actually to happen. Because working from home is very appealing to many persons, it is no wonder that people are trapped in such an internet fraud. Luckily, there are many ways for persons to avoid such internet scams:
  • running a business from home without doing anything, in particular, is definitely a sign that it might be an internet fraud;
  • employers do not solicit advance fees from their future employees;
  • you should not call any number seen on an advertisement that promises generous sums of money for working from home;
  • you should not access a website that looks suspicious or install unprotected programs or applications.

The trap promising that you can make easy money should be avoided instantly if you want to protect your personal information and of course your bank account. You should not under any circumstances pay fees in advance to persons you do not know and expect benefits in return.

Reporting the internet frauds

Without any question, it is important to report the internet frauds you deal with and solicit the protection of the police and the entitled authorities. There are no such things like winning big prizes on the internet by clicking a website or by providing complete information about yourself. You cannot offer your personal bank account to strangers or via the email because there are lots of chances for you to be a victim of fraud on the internet. Such cases are represented by our criminal defence solicitors in London who can provide legal advice for victims of cyber crimes. It is mandatory to know your rights and to ask for legal advice and protect yourself. On the other hand, if you are an individual accused of internet frauds, you should also solicit legal assistance and support in order for you to be released on bail until further proceedings.

Please feel free to contact our team of criminal defence lawyers in London and ask for legal advice and recommendations in the case of internet frauds.