Alibi for a Criminal Case in UK

Updated on Saturday 12th November 2022

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Having an alibi while being accused of different serious crimes in the UK, might release you from the received accusations. In simple words, the alibi is an excuse to avoid the blame, a person who can guarantee you have been elsewhere when a crime was committed. You can receive comprehensive information and details about the alibi for a criminal case in the UK from our criminal defence solicitors in London.


The meaning of alibi in the UK

An individual accused of a serious crime in the UK like burglary, theft, or even crime can provide an alibi to defend himself in such situations. In criminal investigations, the offender needs to offer complete information in the police statement (which can also weigh in the court of law) about the alibi evidence. The name, the address, and any other details a prosecutor might ask about your alibi, which must be provided at the time you have been accused and put into custody if your case required such measures. It is good to know that the alibi will support your declarations and will be a good defence against the charges brought by the authorities in the UK. Our defence lawyers in London are ready to offer suitable analysis in your case and can explain the meaning of alibi and the circumstances that involve such a person. You can also watch the following video presentation: 


Investigating the alibi in the UK

All kinds of individuals can sustain the alibi in different situations. If you have declared you have an alibi and you want the charges to be dropped, the police will investigate that person and his/her statement. Take into consideration that the alibi investigation report needs to contain sufficient information and proof, in order to be presented in the court of law as part of your defence. The alibi may be considered a witness in your case, which is why complete details need to be provided. Besides that, the investigators have also the right to check up the criminal background of the persons sustaining your alibi. If he/she was involved in serious offences, your case, which is considered easy enough with the help of an alibi, might transform into a serious one.

How does the alibi work in criminal cases in UK?

Burglary, fraud, theft, robbery, or murder are serious crimes an individual can be accused of. But if details about an alibi can be provided, a person can defend himself/herself and the charges can be dropped, once the evidence is verified and accepted by the authorities. A prosecutor who investigates a criminal case where an alibi is offered is entitled to ask for complete information about the name, address, occupation, or anything else about the person that sustains your version. Furthermore, an alibi must back up your story in front of the authorities. Such declaration can be a proper defence against all charges.

Our defence lawyers in London can offer legal support in cases where an alibi is provided. The circumstances in which an alibi is necessary and the defence that can help the offender get rid of the accusations can be explained in legal terms by our criminal defence solicitor in UK.

How can an alibi be reliable in a serious criminal case in UK?

Persons accused of crimes in UK can provide the authorities with an alibi that sustains the declaration in this matter. The reliability of an alibi is then investigated by the police who will make a report with details about the alibi, like such as name, domicile, and other details. We remind you that this case is issued in a court of law where complete information about your alibi needs to be presented in front of the authorities. One should note that there are cases in which the alibi sustained by a person who had trouble with the law in the past may not be accepted by the magistrates once your case is deliberated.

Please consider that our criminal defence solicitors in London have wide expertise in criminal cases where alibies have been provided. A strong defence in front of the magistrates, especially if an alibi is involved in a criminal case will lead to drop-off charges.

There are situations in which a person can legally receive aid, but certain conditions are imposed. To be able to check the eligibility depending on the case you are presenting, please contact one of our legal aid solicitors in London. They have the necessary experience to find optimal solutions and offer the necessary defence strategies, so don't hesitate to contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our criminal defence solicitors in London have prepared a set of frequently asked questions that might help you understand better what an alibi means. We would like to add that it is essential to get in touch with our experienced lawyers and discover a suitable defence that can sustain your case and drop the charges.

1. What is the definition of an alibi in a criminal case?
Persons accused of crimes can present an alibi to prove their innocence. This is one of the possible types of defence that can help you.

2. Who requests alibi information?
The police need information about an alibi presented in a criminal case. Also, such information is required in the court of law to sustain the case. For more details about this aspect, you can get in touch with our criminal defence lawyer in London.

3.  Can charges be dropped if an alibi is presented?
Yes, if an alibi sustains your case there are lots of chances for the charges to be dropped. The importance of an alibi can be explained by one of our specialists.

4. Can a witness be seen as an alibi in a criminal case?
Yes, a witness can serve as an alibi in a criminal case to sustain the innocence of a person accused of crimes. The investigators have the right to make some verifications referring to the alibi presented.

5. In what kind of crime cases can an alibi be used?
Alibis can be presented in crime cases like murder, theft, burglary robbery, and fraud, to give some examples. If the alibi sustains your declaration in front of the relevant authorities, the charges can be dropped.

6. Do judges and juries believe the alibi based on witness deposition?
The alibi defence that involves witnesses must present a complete level of credibility in front of judges and juries. However, magistrates can refuse such an alibi if they question its integrity.

7. Can a criminal case present more than just one alibi?
Yes, there is no restriction referring to the number of alibis in a criminal case in UK. Therefore, more than just one witness testimony can be taken into consideration in the court of law.

8. What other types of alibi can be used in a criminal case in UK?
Besides witness testimony, offenders can present photos, videos, and different kinds of records. The investigators will analyze such an alibi and confirm whether it can sustain a criminal case or not. This is another topic that you can discuss with one of our criminal defence solicitors in London.

9. Can a prosecutor verify the alibi presented before the case goes in the court of law?
Yes, prosecutors have access to such information and can make relevant verifications. In the case witnesses are involved, the prosecutor can question them from the start.

10. Can a defence solicitor in London help me in a case with an alibi?
It is quite recommended to be counselled from a legal point of view by a defence lawyer in London and discover your rights. He or she knows the applicable legislation, has the necessary experience and can prepare an optimal approach to win the case.

Seeking advice from our criminal defence solicitors in London

The recommendation is quite obvious regarding the accusations of crimes brought against a person. Without specialized help from a criminal defence solicitor in London, the case can get complicated. Therefore, it is important to know that you will have legal support from the beginning, and you will benefit from professionalism and confidentiality when you collaborate with us. A solid and safe defence, regardless of the accusations brought, will be offered by our experts who have experience in this area.

Here are some statistics on crime in the UK:
  1. According to the Office for National Statistics in UK, around 1.2 million incidents involving violent crimes have been registered in UK from March 2019 – March 2020.
  2. Offences involving sharp instruments rose by 6% during the same period.
  3. More than 540,000 violence with injury cases have been reported in UK during March 2019 and March 2020.
  4. The same period registered a decrease in the number of homicides, around a 16% rate.
  5. The same report presented by the British authorities revealed a decrease in varied crime types during the pandemic, but on the other internet, crimes rose quite rapidly.

The support of a criminal defence solicitor in London is necessary for any kind of accusation brought. 

Make sure to contact our team of criminal defence lawyers in London for further information about the alibi for a criminal case.