Allegations of Criminal Offences

Updated on Monday 13th March 2017

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An alleged criminal offence in the UK has a particular definition and makes reference to an individual who sustains a crime was committed by someone else, but not proved yet. The crown prosecutor, the district attorney, a victim or the police can make allegations in criminal cases. If you need more details in this matter or you find yourself in this situation, we recommend you to solicit help and guidance from our criminal defence lawyers in the UK.

Alleged offences in the UK

From the beginning, we mention that the alleged offences in the UK can be related to all kinds of serious or less serious crime: theft, burglary, road traffic offences, wrong acts, infringement of rights, murders, etc. Moreover, the alleged offences also refer to the circumstances where there is a dispute as to whether or not an action made by an individual was really a criminal offence. This is a serious matter and if not proper evidence is offered, individuals can be prosecuted for generating false allegations about the involved individual. We remind that our criminal defence solicitors in London can offer legal assistance and guidance if you deal with alleged offences in the UK.

What is the suitable approach in alleged offence cases in the UK?

If you find yourself accused of crimes you did not commit or if someone considers you a are involved in a criminal offence in the UK, it is best to ask for legal help and assistance from our solicitors in London. One should know that the alleged crime derives from the principle of innocence. In other words, it involves the crime was supposedly committed by an individual before he/she was condemned for it. The expertise upon your case must be attentively supervised by your attorney, who needs to verify the validity of the evidence, the circumstances and the persons involved in the case. With a suitable approach in your case, you can get out of charges.

Please feel free to contact our team of criminal defence lawyers in London for additional information about the allegations of criminal offences in the UK.


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