Alternatives to Prosecution in Minor Offence Cases in UK

Updated on Saturday 12th November 2022

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Alternatives to Prosecution in Minor Offence Cases in UK Image
Minor offences in UK, such as low-value shoplifts, or burglary among many others can be punished in accordance with the law, where a person can receive 6 months imprisonment. It is good to know that there are also alternatives to prosecution, where different penalties are imposed. In case you have been accused of minor offences and kept into police custody, we remind that you have the right to defend yourself in front of the authorities. Our criminal defence solicitors in London can provide you with legal support and guidance in such cases.

Penalties for minor offences in UK

Instead of imprisonment, an individual accused of minor offences can receive penalty notices for disorder, final warnings, cautions or conditional cautions. There are cases where individuals receive several penalty notices or final warnings and continue to break the law. In this situation, the prosecution can decide that the alternatives mentioned above are not appropriate and cannot change the behavior of an offender.

The prosecutors can solicit in the court of law the appropriate assessment of the public interest or the application of the common case. Whether the case is severe or not, our criminal defence solicitors in London can offer their expertise for persons accused of minor offences and can adopt a suitable approach in the court of law. We remind that the Magistrates’ Court deals with cases of minor offences in the UK.

The public interest in minor offence cases

There are many cases of offences where the losses are minor and the consequences are at a low level too. In this case, the prosecutor can ask the court of law for nominal penalties when assessing the public interest. This can be an effective measure or punishment issued for individuals who committed minor offences, and a suitable alternative proposed by the prosecution. Even so, our criminal lawyer in UK is able to explain you the rights if you have received a penalty, a warning or a conditional caution and can help you appeal the decision.

On the other hand, we remind you that people who face accusations of possession and/or drug trafficking are advised to ask for legal help immediately. Our drug solicitors have experience in such cases and can offer the necessary support to get rid of accusations of this kind. Also, if the case ends up in court, we can represent you and offer optimal defence strategies.

The common sense in minor offence cases

The suitable course of action in minor offence cases can be decided by the prosecutors who adopt the common sense as guidance. In other words, they can avoid the particular facts and can analyze the supposed wrongdoing in the background of everyday life, in order to detect the right disposal related to the conditions of the case. It is good to be reminded that a prosecutor will always be guided by the criminal law before using common sense in minor offence cases. Our defence solicitor in London will offer a suitable defence in your case and will represent you in the court of law throughout the hearings in front of the magistrates.

Additional information about the alternatives to prosecution in minor offences can be obtained from our team of criminal defence solicitors in London if you contact us.