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Updated on Wednesday 17th July 2019

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The anti-competitive practices are seen anywhere in the world, especially in cases of large companies fighting for profits at any costs. These involve activities like price-fixing, competitor agreements and many more. If your company is involved in such illegal activities, you should talk to our anti-competitive behavior solicitors in London and ask for legal advice and assistance. Our criminal defence solicitors in London are at your disposal with in-depth legal advice and assistance.

Types of anti-competitive behaviors 

For economic reasons and many more the competition on the market is strong and aggressive, and the anti-competitive behaviors are met on a daily basis, even if there are strict laws to regulate them. Here are a few anti-competitive practices illegally adopted by companies wanting to generate profits in a fast manner:
  1. Exclusive dealing - involves retailers obliged to purchase products only from a specific wholesaler.
  2. Dividing territories – an arrangement between companies upon territories where they sell the products and services.
  3. Price fixing – companies arrange the same prices on the market.
  4. Limit pricing – the prices are established by a monopolist for the purpose of discouraging the entrance on the market.
  5. Dumping – forcing competitors to get out of the market in order to set high prices.
Because of these illegal methods of making profits, countries all over the world had to implement specific sets of laws and fight against anti-competitive behaviors. The Competition Law and the Antitrust Law regulate the market competition in UK and have about the same provisions as the international laws. If your company faces accusations of price-fixing, the formation of cartels, or coercive monopoly, we strongly recommend you get in touch with our anti-competitive behavior solicitors in London. The extensive experience of our criminal defence lawyers in London can be extremely helpful in your case.

The effects of anti-competitive behavior on the British market

Because of the anti-competitive practices that unfortunately affect the market, the authorities attentively measure company mergers and acquisitions, in order to reduce the risks in this direction. As it is known, the negative effect of anti-competitive methods affects specific industries and the economy of the country, generating noteworthy social costs and disadvantages among consumers. The Competitive Law and the Antitrust Law clearly specify that the market offers free movement for anyone, providing enough room for any kind of investor or company, even for the small ones. It is important to have the support of a criminal defence solicitor in London if you have a large company registered in UK and if you bring your business from abroad. Not knowing the laws as a foreigner in UK will damage the business direction, especially in a competitive market. In case you have been accused of market monopoly and anything business-related crime, do not hesitate to talk to our anti-competitive behavior solicitors in London and find out more about the legal support we can provide. 

How can our anti-competitive behavior solicitors help?

Our experienced criminal lawyers in London are at your service with in-depth legal advice in cases of anti-competitive behavior accusations in your company. We can advise clients in competition investigations and offer legal advice in cases of cartel surveys or abuse of dominance cases. One of our criminal solicitors in London can assist their clients in all competition litigations, judicial review proceedings, commercial disputes and appeals against decisions made in an anti-competitive behavior case in UK. It is important to know that you can completely rely on the support of our anti-competitive behavior solicitors in London who can provide commercially driven resolutions and assistance in all cases involving small, medium or large companies. A unique perception and awareness about the body regulators in the British market can be adopted by our anti-competitive behavior solicitors in London who can understand the business needs of their clients. Here are some facts and figures about the business and the anti-competitive practices in UK:
  • In UK, competition law awareness has an approximately 23% rate among business owners.
  • Imprisonment has been issued in more than 60% of anti-competitive behavior cases in UK in 2018.
  • 9 out of 10 business owners say that they intend to take action if anti-competitive practices are discovered.
  • 47% rate represented the risk percentage of breaching the Competition Law in the food and accommodation sectors in UK in 2018.
If your business is involved in an anti-competitive behavior case in UK, we kindly recommend you to get in touch with our team of criminal defence lawyers in London.