Appeals to the Administrative Court

Updated on Tuesday 18th April 2017

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An administrative court in the UK deals with matters of administrative law and implements the high court’s supervisory jurisdiction over inferior tribunals or public entities in the country with a procedure named judicial review. The appeals can also be issued by any administrative court in the UK, particularly if serious cases are involved, where breaches are considered to influence a certain decision. Our defence solicitors in London can provide you with legal assistance and guidance if you want to make an appeal to an administrative court in the UK.

Types of appeals sent to an administrative court in the UK

Besides hearing challenges to decisions, carrying out judicial reviews of decisions made by tribunals in the UK, an administrative court can deal with appeals related to extradition (where a person needs to be sent back to his/her home country to be judged or to serve a sentence), from the magistrates’ courts, if an error took place from a particular point of law, for instance. The court also issues the appeals against decisions made for a restraint order or made by particular entities in the country.

What you need to know about the administrative court in the UK

The administrative court in the UK is part of the High Court of Justice, where at least two magistrates issue the appeals among many other important cases. The appeals by way of case stated from a criminal court in the UK will be heard and investigated in an administrative court. The appeals to the High Court of Justice in the United Kingdom can be complex and time-consuming, which is why we recommend you solicit the legal representation from our criminal defence lawyers in UK.

What happens if you do not accept the administrative courts’ decision?

If you consider the decision of your appeal inappropriate you cannot appeal against a judicial review verdict, but it is allowed to appeal in habeas corpus situations in the UK. One should know that if your appeal turned into a positive result, the other side implied in the process can also make an appeal.

We strongly recommend you get in touch with our team of defence solicitors in the UK for further questions about the appeals to administrative courts in the country.


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