Appeals to the Crown Court

Updated on Friday 21st April 2017

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If you have received a conviction and you do not agree with it, you have the right to appeal the sentence to the Crown Court in the UK. Legal assistance in this matter can be obtained from our defence solicitors in London who can explain the entire procedure. You can also ask for proper defence in all kinds of accusations of criminal offences in the UK.


The Crown Court role in the UK

The UK Crown Court deals with the appeals to sentences, abandonment of appeals, jurisdiction cases, the appeals after re-hearings and many other matters. An individual can appeal a sentence to the Crown Court, especially if he proves he did not plead guilty but was sentenced. It is good to know that the court will dispose three judges to deal with the appeal, who will decide if there are reasonable grounds for the appeal, in order to make a complete hearing of the case. Moreover, an appeal to the Crown Court in the UK is not re-hearing of the evidence which led to the conviction, but an evaluation of the sentence to see if a procedural mistake took place and if the law was respected in accordance. If you want to make an appeal to the Crown Court in the UK, it is strongly recommended to ask for proper help and legal representation from our criminal defence lawyers in the UK.

Appeals to sentence to the Crown Court in the UK – What you need to know

In appeal cases in the UK Crown Court, a magistrate can be influenced by the criminal background of the offender, if he/she pleaded guilty or not and if he/she is involved in a pre-sentence statement with the Probation Service in the country. If the judges think that incorrect factors were considered when setting the sentence, they have the power to reduce the conviction. A positive appeal to the Crown Court in the UK can also depend on the facts and evidence offered to the magistrates at the first hearing when the sentences were issued. For instance, if the offender was presented with an untruthful criminal background in the court of law and then convicted, he/she can expect a positive response to the appeal.

Please feel free to contact our team of defence solicitors in the UK for complete information about how to appeal a sentence in the Crown Court.


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