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Updated on Monday 22nd July 2019

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The application frauds refer to the type of crimes involving stolen identities to create false bank accounts, apply for credits, loans or credit cards. The financial authorities in UK are completely aware of this kind of fraud and even if they struggle to control the phenomenon, there are always some breaches that allow hackers to make such crimes. Our application fraud solicitors in London are at your service with immediate legal advice if you have been accused of such crimes or if you are a victim of internet fraud. The experience of our criminal defence lawyers in London is needed for application fraud cases in UK.

What is an application fraud?

In short terms, an application fraud is a form of identity fraud where victims are ripped off, on the internet. Persons, unfortunately, discover that their bank accounts has been frauded. The mechanism follows the same recipe and it involves the theft of private details like name, social security number, address, email, passwords, and bank accounts. Such information is normally accessed by hackers under different forms. Some people can receive all sorts of emails asking for charity money or promising huge prizes if they click a specific link or some persons just access particular websites found on the internet displaying fast credit loans or financial help from the banks and where they are invited to introduce their details, in order to receive the offer. These are simply internet frauds through which the identity is stolen and used for financial gains. Below you can find some information about application fraud and its particularities:
  1. Application fraud might involve mobile applications through which personal information is stolen.
  2. Varied bank loan promotions are seen on the internet and accessed by potential victims.
  3. Once clicking a link or a webpage a virus can attack your device, making your personal information vulnerable and easy to access.
  4. False rewards and promotions can be part of an application fraud.
Our application fraud solicitors in London have extensive experience in such cases and can be at your disposal with complete legal advice if you have been accused of online frauds or if you are a victim of such crimes. Let our criminal defence lawyers in London offer you legal representation and prepare your case in the court of law.

What happens with the stolen information?

The stolen personal information through the credit application form comes from submitted documents like bank statements or payslips and then used to access the personal bank accounts. Unfortunately, the internet is a large source of frauds and many victims later discover that they have been robbed, leaving them with nothing but an empty bank account. Our application fraud solicitors in London can tell you more about your rights and the defence steps in such cases.

Protection against application frauds on the internet

Being aware of the traps on the internet is probably the best way to protect ourselves from possible identity theft and other frauds met online every day. It is recommended to avoid any suspicious website that displays false money offers, loans or anything like it. These are only scams developed on the internet and made to steal your personal information for a precise purpose: to access your bank accounts and leave you out of money. Also, you should mark as spam or delete any email containing such one-time offers because this is only another hacker tool and a step in transforming you into a victim of application fraud. Even though it is a known fact, it is good to bear in mind that most of the financial institutions will only offer their credit application on their official website without using internet third parties. Also, if you have any doubts regarding a credit loan offer on the internet, you should, first of all, get in touch or verify the bank or the financial institution, in order to make sure the information is correct and valid. Do not submit your documents and make an application without knowing all the details. Below you can find some statistics and facts about cyber crimes in UK:
  • in 2018, there have been GBP 1.2 billion stolen through all sorts of offline and online frauds;
  • the authorities in UK successfully stopped unauthorized bank frauds summing up to around GBP 1.6 billion;
  • there were more than 84,000 push payment incidents reported last year in UK;
  • financial fraud and scams of around GBP 94.5 million have been stopped last year by the British authorities.
If you are a victim of application fraud or accused of such crimes, feel free to contact our criminal solicitors in London at any time.