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Updated on Sunday 24th December 2017

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Persons accused of different offences in UK and kept in police custody until the first hearing of the case have the right to apply for bail and respect the conditions in this matter. The prosecution can object the bail, if it comes with evidence in this matter. Our criminal defence solicitors in London can provide you with complete help and legal assistance if you want to apply for bail. Our team can help you with defence services for any types of accusations you might be involved in.

Conditions to obtain bail in UK

If the authorities consider that the offender will not commit any other crimes while released on bail, they can grant the bail under certain conditions. For instance, an individual released on bail needs to be present at a particular date at the police station, cannot leave the country and must attend the court of law for the first hearing. The bail terms can be explained by our defence solicitors in London, once they have been settled with the magistrates. Please keep in mind that the bail can be rejected if the judges consider the offender capable of other offences or being a public threat.

Reconsideration of bail

Even though bail was accepted for an individual accused of offences, the magistrates have the power to reconsider the bail, especially the terms. They can also revoke the bail, if they consider it was issued under uncertain situations. One should know that reconsideration of bail is usually considered in cases of violent crimes or serious offences like burglary or robbery when a crime took place. Your criminal lawyer in UK is able to explain the conditions which come with the bail and if it is available in certain cases.

Police bail in UK

Persons kept in police custody due to varied accusations of serious offences have the right to apply for bail, with suitable legal help from our criminal defence solicitors in London.  The police bail comes with certain conditions an offender must consider: he/she cannot leave the country, must provide details about the home address and must not get in touch with the parties involved in the case. If the offender has no criminal record, he/she can be released on bail until the first hearing in the court of law. Applying for bail in UK is a serious matter where comprehensive legal support must be offered, a case in which our criminal defence solicitors in London can help.

For a better understanding of bail application in UK, we invite you to watch the video below: 


Apply for bail as an immigrant in UK

Immigrants in UK who have been accused of crimes and kept in custody have the right to apply for bail and respect the conditions which come with such status. For example, the immigrant must provide details about the domicile, even if it has been changed. Leaving the country while the police and the prosecutors investigate the case and the circumstances is strictly forbidden. 

Bail objection

If there is a bad bail attendance record, convincing explanations of what happened on those occasions and reasons why they are less significant than they seem to have to be presented to the court of law. In this case, the defence lawyers in London are able to help you and, before that, to gather all needed information, in order to represent you. If a serious offence is involved, the theory is that if the proof is solid, then so is the chance of a long prison punishment and therefore, the chance for the defendant not turning up to law court is increasing. This is the reason why it can be difficult applying for bail if there is a serious offence involved, such as armed robbery or even murder.

The suitable approach in applying for bail

No matter the case, our team of lawyers in UK will make a bail application which is expected to raise certain oppositions and they will answer them in advance by proposing the judge bail terms.The aim is to increase the chance of bail being settled, by surprising the prosecution objections. Correct planning of a bail application will increase possibilities of inquiry that bail solicitors should follow to confirm. As a reminder, the defendant will only have one chance to make a bail application, so every part of background supportive evidence has to be offered to the court, including the needed documentation. Bail is not a predetermined conclusion for serious offences and applications must be handled with attention and accurately arranged.

If you want to apply for bail, please don’t hesitate to contact our defence solicitors in London, our team being specialized in a wide range of offences.


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