Apply for Injunctions in Case of Domestic Abuse

Updated on Tuesday 01st August 2017

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The court of law in UK can issue injunctions in domestic abuse cases which are necessary orders meant to protect children or adults who have been victims of family violence. This is also known as a non-molestation order and the individual who received an injunction can be arrested and kept in police custody. If you find yourself in this situation, we recommend you ask for legal advice from our criminal defence solicitors in London. You have the legal right to defend yourself in a domestic abuse case, especially if you consider the charges were made without serious grounds.

Who can apply for injunctions in UK

Persons who deal with domestic violence should report the case to the police and ask for legal advice in this matter. On the other side, if you have been accused of domestic abuse and arrested, you have the right to solicit a criminal lawyer in UK and defend yourself against such accusations. This way, you can avoid receiving an injunction in a case of domestic violence where charges have been made. Refugee persons or women who are victims of domestic abuse can address to the court of law and request an injunction applicable for offenders accused of a serious crime like this. It is good to know that if the situation requires, a person can receive an occupation order which contains details about who can live in the family home or near the house.

Please consider that legal advice is necessary when applying for an injunction for domestic abuse cases. Furthermore, persons accused of domestic abuse can ask our criminal solicitors in London for legal counseling and representation in front of the authorities.

What happens if a person receives an injunction in UK?

Injunctions can be received by persons accused of serious offences like domestic violence. Once such order has been imposed, the offender can be arrested and kept in police custody until the first hearing in this case. Individuals who received an injunction should ask for legal advice from our criminal solicitors in London who can analyze the case and the evidence, in order to adopt a suitable and positive approach in the court of law, in front of the magistrates.

Please contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London for a proper legal advice in cases of injunctions imposed by the court of law in UK.


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