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Updated on Tuesday 26th March 2019

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Arson crimes are the type of serious offences that involve property damage with fraudulent intentions. Properties like houses, buildings, boats or lands can be involved in arson crimes and might turn into extremely serious cases of injuries or death of someone. Our arson solicitors in London can offer in-depth information and legal advice if you have been accused of such crimes. Also, our criminal solicitors in London will explain your rights and provide legal advice if you are kept in police custody.

The meaning of arson crimes

The deceitful intention of damaging or burning a house down with the purpose of collecting insurance money is known as an arson crime. There are also cases involving setting fire to a forest, considered arson crimes in UK. If a person uses explosives of fire to damage a property with the intention of defrauding the insurance company, then this person can be accused of arson crimes. The case might turn into an even more severe one if death of people is involved. The sentence in the case the offender is found guilty will be established in accordance with the consequences, referring to the situations in which murder is involved. Our arson solicitors in London are at your disposal if you have been accused of such serious crimes. If the evidence brought by the prosecution is not relevant, the arson accusations can be dropped and you can be released from police custody. It is important to know that you should not answer any police questions until you get in touch with our criminal solicitors in London.

What is the classification of arson crimes in UK?

The level of seriousness of an arson crime is established with the help of different factors, such as:
  1. Minor punishments are issued for setting fire or explosives to a non-occupied building.
  2. In the case of defrauding the insurance company, the case might be complex.
  3. Arson crimes involving collateral victims lead to severe punishments.
  4. Causing the death of someone when setting fire to house definitely implies a harsh trial and a serious verdict on many years of imprisonment.

We strongly recommend you get in touch with our arson solicitors in London and ask for immediate help if you have been accused of arson crimes. A strong defence is needed in your case and can be created and presented by our criminal defence solicitors in London.

When does an arson crime take place?

In most of the cases, an arson crime takes place in domestic abuse and violence cases for different reasons. The financial gain is probably the leading reason why a person commits an arson crime. The prosecution will have to determine the grounds of the case and bring evidence in the court of law, in order to continue with the case. In the evidence brought in an arson crime case cannot sustain the accusations, the offender can be released from police custody. Let our arson solicitors in London tell you more about the defence for arson crime accusations in UK. It is important to have legal advice by your side and rely on the support of a criminal defence solicitor in London.

What are arson and insurance fraud

The arson and insurance fraud are probably the most met types of crimes because the intentions are clear: defrauding a company insurance by all means and methods. An arson fraud, in this case, involves a serious of illegal methods and intentions like setting the personal property (house, warehouse, building office) on fire in order to collect the insurance money.

The defence offered by our criminal solicitors in London

Our arson solicitors on London have extensive experience in serious crimes and can legally assist you if you have been accused of such acts. The defence might be complex because it needs to be proven that you accidentally burned or damaged your house, without injuries to be involved. On the other hand, the authorities will do anything they can to provide the intention of committing the arson crime, but luckily, our arson solicitors in London are at your service with complete legal advice and information and can take care of your case as soon as you decide for our team. Let us remind you that you are advised to not answer to any police questions while in custody until you have an arson solicitor in London by your side. Our advisors have ample experience in arson crime cases and can develop the necessary legal support right from the police station where your rights can be explained.

You are recommended to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London and ask for immediate legal advice if you have been accused of arson crimes in UK.