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Updated on Tuesday 30th July 2019

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Auction buyers and sellers might be subject to fraud under different circumstances. Sellers might lie about the products and ask for big prices or buyers might not pay the established price on auction. These are only a few examples and unfortunately, there are auction frauds on the internet too. If you have been involved in such cases or accused of such frauds, we recommend you get in touch with our action fraud solicitors in London and ask for immediate legal advice.

Short facts about action fraud cases

A false representation of the products meant for auction purposes is often the type of fraud met offline and online. In most cases, auction houses are subject to frauds, involving or not the organizers of the event. Here are a few cases of auction fraud you should be aware of:
1. Auction buyers can receive less valuable or different goods from the description.
2. The buyers might not receive the goods even if they paid a sum of money in advance.
3. The terms and conditions of the auction sale might not be complete, especially for certain products found of sale.
4. Failure to disclose the relevant information about a product on auction is considered fraud.
At the end of an auction sale, people find out that there is no complete information about the cases in which they want to return a product and receive the money back. More than that, persons might find out they have also been victims of identity fraud besides auction fraud, having their personal information vulnerable in front of hackers and fraudsters. Our auction fraud solicitors in London are at your disposal if you want immediate legal advice in such cases. The experience of our criminal defence solicitors in London will play a great role in the court of law if the proceedings in your case commence.

How can I prevent the auction fraud and not turn into a victim?

Shopping and auction fraud are not particularities and can happen at any time. If you would like to avoid the status of a victim of an auction fraud you should read the terms and conditions, check the entire description, and ask questions if you are not 100% about the products sold on auction. Auction buyers are advised to avoid money transfers and banking transactions if they are not convinced about the security on the internet. Also, it is recommended to avoid sending your private details (address, bank account) by email, as such information might go on the wrong hands. Auction sellers are advised to avoid a high amount of money on cheques for a refund of the difference as this can be part of money fraud or criminal cashback. The police are aware of the auction fraud cases, and anyone suspecting a fraud case is advised to report it to the National Fraud Reporting Centre. Moreover, you can ask for the immediate support of our auction fraud solicitors in London and find out more about your rights in this sense. Also, if you have been accused of auction fraud, do not hesitate to talk to one of our criminal defence lawyers in London for legal advice.

Online auction fraud – what you need to know

Auction frauds on the internet have multiplied in recent years and unfortunately takes many forms. For instance, the money for a product sold on auction on the internet is collected, but the merchandise is not sent. Wire transfer scams involve buyers who are asked to wire money, but unfortunately, they don’t receive the goods they paid for. Triangulation is another form of online auction fraud that involves large retailers on the internet and products which are bought at higher costs and paid with stolen credit cards. The seller, in this case, cannot be contacted, however, the fraud department will track the path of the auction right from the beginning. Shill bidding is another form of internet auction fraud involving sellers who use associates or other parties to bid on auction for their personal items, by raising the price. 
It is important to know that in numerous cases of online auction fraud, both sellers and buyers can be accused of such serious crimes. Our criminal solicitors in London can offer immediate legal support and assistance. Below you can find some interesting statistics about frauds in UK:
  • there were more than GBP 12 billion stolen through scams and frauds (including on the internet) in UK in 2018;
  • the police successfully prevented people in UK from losing GPB 38 million only last year;
  • financial fraud losses of GBP 844 million have been stopped in UK in 2018;
  • there were more than 84,000 reported incidents involving payment scams in 2018.
If you have been accused of fraud in UK and you want legal advice, feel free to contact our auction fraud solicitors in London.