Bad Character of Defendants and Non-Defendants

Updated on Saturday 12th November 2022

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According to the Criminal Justice Act 2003, a “bad character” refers to the evidence or the disposition related to the misbehavior of a defendant or a non-defendant who is part in a criminal proceeding in UK. A misconduct can appear due to a conviction or to a conduct where a prison release, whether parole or bail has been granted. If the status of bad character intervenes in your situation as an offender, the authorities are entitled to take further action, like sending you back to jail. This case can be supervised with legal advice and support from our criminal defence solicitors in London.

When a bad character of a defendant and non-defendant is admitted

The same Criminal Justice Act 2003 mentions that the evidence related to the bad character need to be accepted by all parties involved in the criminal proceeding. The evidence can be permissible if the defendant or the non-defendant has an inclination to be dishonest or to commit offences of the kind he/she has been accused of in the first place. Such case requires complete attention and legal support from our criminal lawyers in London.

On the other hand, our drug lawyers can advise you on the methods of defense and representation before the courts if you have been accused of such crimes. Once the presented case is analyzed, we will draw up all the legal procedures to get rid of the accusations of drug offenses. We are here to represent your interests and help you in your endeavor.

When the Court in UK is entitled to clear the evidence of bad character

If the proof of a bad character has been acknowledged by the court of law in the UK, it means that any sentence can be insecure, a case where the magistrates can release the jury as soon as the prosecution case has been concluded.

The bad character of non-defendants in UK

The proof of a bad character of a non-offender in the UK can be permissible if it is important, as the jury cannot understand the case without it. The same evidence is useful if it significantly evaluated, according to the type of the offence and if it has been supposed or simply happened.  It is good to know that the over-all exclusionary regulation against the permission of the preceding misbehavior can be eliminated and also substituted with provisions that the proof is eligible regarding the problems in the criminal case.

Please contact our team of defence solicitors in London for complete information about the bad character of defendants and non-defendants in UK.