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Updated on Monday 25th March 2019

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We have an experienced team of bank fraud solicitors in London who can defend any individual or legal entity accused of any type of bank fraud. There are various types of bank frauds that are characterized by the use of illegal means in order to obtain money, property or assets that are owned by a bank or by its clients. Our team of bank fraud solicitors in London is experienced in different cases of bank frauds and can represent you in front of any court in UK. We handled complicated white collar cases and we are able to find the proper way of defence no matter how difficult is your case.

Types of bank frauds

Bank frauds are connected to illegally obtained assets, properties or money held by financial institutions worldwide. It is also the case of UK authorities who continue to fight against the phenomenon and to implement a series of measures to stop such crimes. Accounting fraud, uninsured deposits, bill discounting frauds, forged or fraudulent documents, identity theft or impersonation, payment card fraud, stolen payment cards, prime bank frauds, phishing and internet fraud, and fraudulent loans are considered bank frauds and serious offences for which imprisonment is issued. Our criminal defence solicitors in London are at your disposal if you have been accused of bank frauds in UK. Let our team of legal advisors in UK provide you the necessary legal representation in front of the authorities.

What are the payment fraud card and cheques?

Cheques and card payment frauds often involve victims, whether banks or natural persons who suddenly discover their bank accounts have been breached through varied illegal methods. Here are a few serious offences related to the payment frauds that might be met in UK:
  1. Stealing from cards and bank accounts of clients is considered payment bank fraud which takes many forms like:
  2. Stolen payment cards – stolen cards used for different payments which are not authorized.
  3. Phishing and internet frauds – emails involving payment requests and personal banl account information.
  4. Stolen checks – fraudsters can process a number of cheques and open false bank accounts.
  5. Wire transfer frauds – international money transfers between banks involving large sums and forged documents.
In terms of defence, our bank fraud solicitors in London will have to determine if there is sufficient evidence to create a case, and if the offenders involved can be released on bail. Let our team of criminal defence solicitors in London provide you with the necessary legal support in front of the authorities starting from the police station if you are kept in custody. It is important to have our legal support from the beginning, especially in serious cases like bank frauds involving financial institutions or other related companies.

Other types of bank frauds

Our bank fraud solicitors in London deal with various types of bank fraud accusations and offenders found in such situation should ask for immediate legal support. Identity theft is a widespread phenomenon and it refers to scams involving the personal information like name, address and bank account with the purpose of using it for varied unauthorized financial transactions. Even the social security numbers are used in this type of fraud and varied banks or other financial institutions deal with such crimes on a daily basis, being exposed to such fraud is possible any time. As for fraudulent loans, these take several forms ranging from persons who use false information to hide a credit history filled with financial issues and unpaid credits to companies using accounting fraud to overdo profits in order to make a dangerous loan appear to be a great investment for the bank. Moreover, there are cases in which false companies apply for bank loans and then after a certain period declare the bankruptcy and close all the activities. This is a serious bank fraud and criminals found guilty can face imprisonment for a long time. If you are a bank fraud victim or if you have been accused of such crimes, do not hesitate to get in touch with our team of advisors and discover the ways in which we can provide the needed legal support for your case.

What is a fictious bank inspector?

Another type of bank fraud is related to the fictious bank inspector, a scheme involving a false bank inspector claiming that there are employees who steal money. The scheme goes further as the false bank inspector recommends a deposit to withdraw all the money of the so-called suspected employees of fraud. It is important to have the authorities by your side and to contact the police if you suspect something is wrong, especially if you are not guilty of any related bank frauds. Also, in this matter, a bank fraud solicitor in London will offer legal advice and assistance with the authorities, in the case a fictious bank inspector took your money. On the other hand, if you have been accused of bank frauds in UK, it is mandatory to ask for legal advice from our criminal defence solicitors in London.
No matter the type of bank fraud accusations brought to you, we strongly recommend you contact our team of bank fraud solicitors in London and ask for comprehensive legal advice. Our team of criminal defence solicitors in London knows very well the local regulations in these cases and can represent you successfully during the trial. 

Don’t hesitate to contact our team of criminal solicitors in London for any case of bank fraud