Betting Fraud Solicitors in London

Updated on Monday 02nd September 2019

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The gambling sector can be quite tempting for fraudsters wanting to obtain easy money through all sorts of crimes and illegal methods. Scammers have varied methods, and among these, presenting themselves as representatives of sports and betting associations in UK via emails, or over the phone who ask for money or different investments, or who guarantee huge profits through varied betting scams. Those accused of betting frauds in UK should ask for the legal advice of our criminal solicitors in London.  Feel free to get in touch with our betting fraud solicitors in London and find out more about the defence they can provide.

What is betting fraud and what are the consequences?

Betting frauds can be easily spotted and in most of the situations involve victims contacted on the internet or over the phone who were solicited to invest money on different digital platforms which are related to sports betting. Below is information about different types of betting scams that might solicit your attention at a certain point:
  1. Direct wire transfers, money transfers, and cryptocurrencies are the payment methods solicited by betting fraudsters.
  2. Criminals offer free-risk investments in exchange for huge returns.
  3. A unique investment opportunity in the sports and betting industry is presented over the phone or via the email.
  4. Flashy promotional materials presenting advantageous sports betting opportunities are presented to potential victims.
  5. Fake websites can promote different kind of betting events that promise huge money returns.
In most of the cases, fraudsters are asking for personal information like name, contact details, bank accounts and many more. Also, some of them might use specific terms to sound convincing and to gain the trust of potential victims. As it is known, there are no such things as winning large amounts of money over the internet, including the ones related to sports betting activities. The fraud goes even further, and criminals are trying to persuade victims, sometimes in an aggressive manner or by using verbal pressure. 
Have you been accused of fraud or are you a victim of betting fraud? Do not hesitate to get in touch with one of our betting fraud solicitors in London and find out information about the legal support we can provide for your case. Let our criminal lawyers in London tell you more about how to deal with betting fraud accusations.

How do I detect betting fraud?

Fake websites and social media channels displaying information about betting activities are normally spotted right away, and the same thing is available for online adds that look suspicious and flashy. Also, persons should be more cautious when it comes to offering personal information on the internet, especially to persons who are not trustworthy. Any scam that raises suspicions should be marked as spam or reported on the internet. Online sports betting activities should take place only on official platforms, and individuals interested in making money on the internet should, first of all, verify for licenses and permits before involving in such activities. Numerous hacking systems can affect personal devices and access private information, including the ones related to your bank account. Our betting fraud solicitors in London can provide in-depth support and legal representation for persons accused of criminal activities, internet frauds, cyber crimes and many more. The experience of our criminal defence solicitors in London needs to be taken into consideration, particularly if such accusations have been brought to you. Our team can provide you with information about your legal rights in front of the authorities and how your case can be presented in the court of law. Below we have gathered information and statistics about frauds, and also about sports betting in UK:
  • a total of GBP 1.4 billion representing possible financial frauds has been stopped by the authorities in UK in 2018;
  • according to statistics made in 2018, approximately 97.4% of the people aged between 18 and 54 like betting on horse racing;
  • around 38.7% of the interviewed people in UK spend between GBP 10 and GBP 100 on online betting each month;
  • approximately 21% of the questioned people recognized they lost hundreds of pounds on betting.
If you have been accused of betting fraud in UK, we invite you to contact our team of criminal defence lawyers in London.