Binding Rulings of Magistrates' Courts

Updated on Tuesday 20th November 2018

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Binding Rulings of Magistrates' Courts Image
In a pre-trial hearing on any question regarding the law enforced in a serious crime in the UK or related to the admissibility of the evidence, a magistrate is entitled to make binding rulings, as mentioned in the Magistrates’ Court Act 1980. Our criminal defence solicitor in London is able to offer complete information in this matter and also legal representation in the court of law, which is why we recommend you understand this situation before making any decision.

Why adopt binding rulings in UK?

There are cases where legal issues may intervene in the magistrates’ court proceedings, which is why binding rulings are adopted. In this matter, the provisions must allow the groundwork in any court case, to control and eventually to limit the opportunity of any party involved to re-claim the identical opinion at the legal proceedings. Although it might sound complicated, the magistrates ‘court is entitled to use the binding rules in any serious case presented. Our criminal solicitors in London will analyze your situation, no matter the offences involved.

What is a pre-trial hearing in UK?

A hearing in the magistrates’ court may be classified as a pre-trial hearing if the offender has pleaded not guilty or if it concerns an information to be evaluated in a fast manner. The summary hearing or trial starts when the prosecution offers evidence in a particular case or if a hospital order is necessary for a person who cannot be convicted although he/she has been charged with serious offences.

What is the purpose of binding rulings in UK?

The binding rulings of magistrates’ courts in UK are adopted if there are questions regarding the enforced law in a particular case, in order to solve disagreements in the case of compliance with disclosure obligations. The same is available to validate the proceedings where applications for certain measures are needed.

If you want to know more details about the binding rulings of the magistrates’ courts in UK, you can get in touch with our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.