Ask for Legal Aid in Cases of Domestic Violence

Updated on Wednesday 21st June 2017

Ask for Legal Aid in Cases of Domestic Violence Image
There are numerous cases when women and/or children are part of a domestic abuse in the family. Even though such cases are severe and victims can obtain help, sometimes the persons involved cannot afford complete legal advice. This is when the legal aid can be obtained if someone has been sexually abused or obliged to a forced marriage. Our defence solicitors in London can represent you in a court of law if you have been accused of domestic abuse or if you are a victim of domestic violence.

Who is eligible for legal aid in cases of domestic abuse?

Severe cases of domestic abuse need to be reported to the police, especially if women and children are victims of such unwanted treatments. Besides that, a criminal lawyer in UK is able to explain the rights of a victim of abuse and can offer legal representation in the court of law. But there are cases when a victim of abuse cannot afford to pay the costs of an attorney. According to the seriousness of the cases and to the financial status of the victim, the authorities can grant the legal aid. Family problems and financial issues need to be proven once you apply for legal aid for your case.

Evidence to obtain legal aid for domestic violence

If your children are victims of abuse or if your husband has closed the access to your mutual bank account, it is recommended to gather evidence in this matter, in order to obtain legal aid in UK. The social services, the doctor, the police or the bank can offer evidence in this matter, which will weigh much once you decide to apply for legal aid in a domestic abuse case.

Legal aid for persons accused of domestic violence in UK

If you have been arrested for domestic abuse and kept into custody by the police in UK, you have the right to solicit legal support. An attorney at the police station will analyze your case, in order to see if you are eligible for legal aid. Information about the bank statements, the National Insurance Number and incomes can be solicited at the police station. We remind that any case of domestic abuse, whether you are a victim or an individual accused of domestic violence, can be taken by our criminal defence solicitors in UK. They have a vast experience in such cases and can offer legal support throughout the entire process.

Additional details and information in this matter can be obtained from our team of solicitors in London, so please feel free to contact us.