Breach of a Restraining Order

Updated on Sunday 17th June 2018

Restraining or protective orders are issued for individuals who were accused of violent behavior, whether in the family or in public. Victims of violent acts in UK are protected by the provisions of the Protection from Harassment Act 1997, where a restraining order is issued in this sense. It is good to know that offenders who breach a restraining order issued by the courts of law in UK will face penalties and in some cases imprisonment. Our team of criminal defence lawyers in UK can represent individuals in the court of law if it is the case of a restraining order

What is a restraining order in UK and who can receive such ban?

Individuals who are accused of violent acts or inappropriate behavior where force or harassment have been used against another person can face different penalties among which, a restraining order. Such order is issued for the protection of persons who have been hassled or badly treated by someone else, in certain circumstances. Such order will cut the communication with the victim in any case, whether it is by phone or related to special locations, such as a school or a home address. The criminal courts can issue restraining orders as soon as the case has been presented and if the circumstances are bad enough for the victims involved. The purpose of such ban is to protect the persons who were part of violent acts or related behaviors. If you are a victim of family violence or if you have been accused of crimes in UK, we strongly recommend you to get in touch with our criminal defence solicitors in London for complete legal support.

What happens if a restraining order is breached?

The cases where individuals do not respect the imposed restraining orders are considered criminal offences for which imprisonment is issued. The Magistrates’ Court in UK handles such cases where offenders can receive a maximum imprisonment of 5 years. The courts in UK will have to consider the circumstances in which the ban order was breached, if violence was involved and the consequences in such situation. Also, the criminal record of the offender will be verified when dealing with such an infringement.  Breaching the restraining orders are serious crime cases in UK for which legal support is recommended.

For a better understanding of restraining orders in UK, please feel free to get in touch with our criminal defence lawyers in UK in-depth legal assistance.