Cases in UK Youth Courts

Updated on Saturday 20th May 2017

Cases in UK Youth Courts Image
Children and teenagers with ages between 10 and 17 can be sentenced for serious or less serious offenses in the UK. They are heard by a special court of law dedicated for a young criminal who break the law. No matter the type of criminal offence a young boy or girl committed, it is best to seek for legal advice and support in the youth court from our criminal defence solicitors in UK. Our team has a vast experience in criminal cases and can offer complete help and legal representation in any court of law in the UK.

What is a youth court in the UK?

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, a youth court in the UK deals with the young offenders who committed all kinds of crimes for which they are heard and convicted. The court for minors is different from the court for adults, less formal, meaning that the youth court has no jury, but only a judge and three magistrates. Besides the presence of the lawyer in the youth court, the teenager must the accompanied by his/her parents, guardian or tutor. The members of the public are allowed in the court of law but only if a special permission is granted. If you have a child accused of crime offences and kept into police custody, we strongly recommend you ask for the legal services of our defence lawyer in UK.

Young offenders and criminal offences in UK

Although there are numerous programmes intended to keep teenagers away from criminal offences, there are many youngsters who break the law and get arrested. Teenagers can be accused of anti-social behavior, burglary, possession of drugs, illegal use of drugs and prohibited substances, robbery, rape or even crime. In the severe situations, the case is presented in the court for young offenders and then sent to the Crown Court for a final verdict. Teenagers can receive detention and then are immediately sent to prison, community sentences and also training orders, according to the gravity of the criminal offence. We remind that these decisions can be appealed as soon as they are made.

If you want comprehensive information about the cases in the UK youth courts, you are invited to get in touch with our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.