Community Sentences for Offenders under 18

Updated on Sunday 15th January 2017

Community Sentences for Offenders under 18 Image
Youngsters who committed different types of offences are liable of community sentences. Depending on the severity of the case and also the circumstances, a young boy or girl under 18 can receive a youth rehabilitation order, a reparation or a referral order. These are community sentences and for each type of them, our defence solicitors in London can offer suitable information and legal assistance for parents or tutors with teenagers who received such penalties.

Types of community sentences in the UK

Youngsters accused of drug possession, anti-social behavior, or any other public offenses can be arrested and can receive different punishments. The youth rehabilitation order is decided by the court of law in the UK and implies particular supervision in special centers for young people. In three years, the offender will receive special treatments, if it's a drug addict, besides suitable education, in order to put him back on track and to reintegrate him into the community.

The reparation orders are for young criminals who caused damages to the victims’ house. In this situation, the teenager is obliged to repair the damages under a strict supervision of the community representative of his case. The referral order is a community sentence which implies different courses, most of them after school, where two community representatives and a counselor will try to explain to the teenager why his behavior is not permitted in the society and how it can be adjusted. Our UK criminal lawyer can offer assistance in cases where people under 18 are accused of crimes and granted community sentences.

Custodial sentences for serious crimes in the UK

People under 18 who committed serious offences like burglary, theft, rape or attempting to murder will receive custodial sentences from the court of law in the UK. This sentence will be spent in specific security centers and institutions. The purpose is to offer suitable help, special training, and education in order to reintegrate the teenager back in the society or community. Authorized persons in the UK are in charge with the rehabilitation of the young offenders who received custodial sentences.

Please feel free to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London for extra information about the community sentences for offender under 18 in the UK.