Corruption in the UK Transparency International Report

Updated on Thursday 08th December 2016

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Corruption is the abuse of assigned power for personal benefits, according to Transparency International (TI), a worldwide non-governmental organization that  searches and plans different techniques to combat such issue. Many public and private sectors have been dealing with corruption on a high level in the UK, and the authorities are trying hard to impose different laws and penalties, in order to solve this kind of problems. In this article, we will explain the report about the corruption in the UK and the governmental plans made to fight such issues. On the other hand, we remind you that our defence solicitors in London can provide you with legal assistance if you have been accused of corruption or any other offences.

The corruption in the UK

There will always be vulnerabilities in different areas or sectors, which will eventually damage the society. Business, sports, politics are top sectors where corruption makes victims and operates in different ways, with different methods. The TI report about the corruption in the UK has revealed about 23 key sectors and institutes with a high level of corruption. The research shows that corruption is a severe issue which is usually not recognized. The growing threat of corruption is frequently encountered  in strong relation with self-satisfaction in many institutions that refuse to deal and challenge the difficulties. The parliament and the political affairs, besides sports, are the main fields where corruption and dishonesty are increasing daily.

The governmental plans to fight corruption in the UK

The governmental institutions and the authorities in charge are totally aware of the corruption level in the UK and are trying to fight it according to international standards with worldwide partners and civil societies. Although the corruption in the UK is at a lower level compared to other countries, it will still remain a problem. Authorities deal with bribery cases, money laundering and many other criminal offences, which represent serious threats to the national security. The plans against corruption in the UK contain different approaches and here we mention the following:

•    methods to increase the protection against the use of corruption;
•    strengthen the law enforcement to fight corruption
•    improve transparency in all kinds of activities;
•    increase global principles;
•    constant collaboration with overseas partners and organizations involved in corruption fight.

On the other hand, we remind that you can solicit help and guidance from our criminal lawyers in London if you have been accused of different criminal offences. As a conclusion, the UK government is trying to maintain the economic prosperity and the honesty of private and public sectors at high levels, by attacking the business-related corruption and illegal financial activities in the country.

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