Criminal Court for Young Offenders in the UK

Updated on Tuesday 10th January 2017

Criminal Court for Young Offenders in the UK Image
Youngsters between 10 and 17 who committed certain offences like burglary, possession of drugs or anti-social behavior can be punished according to the UK law. The youth court in the UK deals with minors and their crimes and magistrates can give specific sentences. Our defence solicitors in London can offer legal representation and guidance for youngsters accused of different crimes.


Punishments for young criminals in the UK

Teenagers who commit violent crimes in the UK are brought the court of law where a district judge and three magistrates will hear the cases and will grant a particular sentence, like custody for a long or short time, if the circumstances are severe or not. The court can also grant the minimum sentence for murder cases or serious crimes after a suitable investigation of the conditions and evidence. There are cases where young people under 18 years old, who are involved in serious crimes or are a threat to the society, can be held in custody, in specific locations for minors. The criminal background will also be considered by the magistrates’ court for young offenders before granting any sentence or punishment.

Custody for teenagers in the UK

The secure training centers in the UK are supervised by the private institutions and are meant to take care of young offenders, to change their anti-social behavior and to help them get back into the society. The young offender institutions are managed by the Prison Service in the UK, where the integration process contains particular programs for teenagers over 15 years old. Such programs can be held after school, under strict supervision. Extra details and legal advice can be received from our criminal lawyer in London.

What you need to know about the youth courts in the UK

A youth court has no jury, the offender can be represented by our criminal lawyers in London and a guardian or parent needs to be present in the court of law, if the child is under 16. The criminal court for young offenders is in charge with penalties for drug offences, serious crimes, theft and anti-social behavior. If a young boy or girl is involved in rape or murder cases, the youth court will deliver the case to the UK Crown Court.

You may contact our team of defence solicitors in London for additional information about the criminal court for young offenders in the UK, or if you need legal representation in the court of law.