Custodial Sentences in UK

Updated on Monday 28th August 2017

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The custodial sentences are judicial matters and refer to varied punishments for both young or adult criminals, like a fixed custody for the offender who is detained in prison or in special centers. If the verdict has been decided in your case, you have the right to appeal this kind of decision, but we strongly recommend you to ask for legal help in this matter from our criminal defence solicitors in London. Regardless of the crimes you have been accused of, our team can offer legal advice.

What you need to know about custodial sentences in UK

From the beginning, it is good to know that according to the Criminal and Justice Act 2003, a custodial sentence is issued by the court of law in cases where the gravity of the serious offence is settled and if the criminal is identified as a threat to the community. Please consider that the community sentences, like fines and special programmes to reintegrate back into the society, are not considered custodial sentences. Complete information about the differences between custodial and non-custodial sentences in UK can be provided by our defence solicitors in London.

Types of custodial sentences in UK

Both adults and youngsters who committed criminal offences and who received a specific verdict are subject to custodial sentences in UK. For instance, a criminal adult can receive a determinate custodial sentence which can be suspended from varied reasons. An extended custodial sentence is known as a public protection sentence and can be issued for individuals who were found guilty of serious offences. As for the young criminals, they can receive detention in special centers for young offenders in the UK. Please keep in mind that the Youth Offending Team in UK deals with minors involved in crimes. A criminal lawyer in UK can represent your case in front of the authorities, whether you are an adult or a minor with legal problems, and can appeal the custodial sentence on your behalf to higher courts of law in UK.

Life sentence for offenders in UK

Persons found guilty of murders can receive life imprisonment when a period of custody is not set. One should know that the court of law in UK has the power to grant a minimum tariff which represents the minimum time a person can serve prison. Once the minimum tariff has ended and if the behavior has improved, an offender can be released on parole under certain circumstances. Our criminal defence solicitors in London can help you apply for parole, no matter the type of offences you served prison for.

Complete information about the custodial sentences in UK can be offered by our team of defence solicitors in London, so please do not hesitate to contact us.