Defence for Corporate Manslaughter

Updated on Tuesday 27th September 2016

Defence for Corporate Manslaughter Image
Under the Corporate Homicide Act 2007, the corporate manslaughter refers to a criminal offence related to homicide and committed by an organization or a company. Enterprises can be found guilty of manslaughter due to grave management issues that caused heavy breach of a responsibility. Our defence solicitors in London can provide you with information and legal assistance, if you are accused of corporate manslaughter.

What you need to know about corporate manslaughter

You should know that a breach of health and safety rules has tragic consequences leading to a person's death. In this situation, the prosecution will have to demonstrate if a single individual is guilty of crime or severe negligence and if he was the controlling mind of the company. If there is no evidence to show, then the company will be free of charges. On the other hand, if you find yourself in this situation, or if your company deals with the charges mentioned above, it is recommended solicit legal assistance from our criminal lawyer in London. He will properly analyze your case and the evidence, and will propose you for bail, if the situation requires.

As a reminder, a criminal offence is considered corporate manslaughter if a company’s activities caused the death of a person, led to a severe breach of a relevant duty of care, and if the management played an important part in this breach.

What you need to know about the Corporate Homicide Act 2007

The Corporate Homicide Act 2007 applies to companies, local government authorities or partnerships, and establishes a new offence for prosecuting organizations, where extremely severe management failings have resulted in the death of someone. The new offence tolerates an organization’s responsibility to be evaluated on a larger base, offering a more operative means for extremely serious management faults through the organization.

You should take into consideration that a company can be charged with a criminal offence under the health and safety legislation, besides the Corporate Homicide Act 2007, with the same measures. If a company is accused and condemned of corporate homicide, the jury might ask to resend the verdict on the health and safety accusations, if the interests of justice oblige to do so.

If you have a company charged with manslaughter, you can contact our team of defence solicitors in London, for legal assistance.