Defence for Outraging Public Decency

Updated on Thursday 12th April 2018

First of all, it is good to know that outraging public decency is considered an offence, especially by the spectators who are witnesses to such inappropriate behavior. If such offences come with property damage or injurious language, then the penalty will be in accordance. Individuals accused of outraging public decency are advised to talk to one of our defence lawyers in London and ask for legal support in front of the authorities.

The meaning of outraging public decency

Disgusting, obscene and unsuitable conducts made by individuals in front of a public are perceived and considered outraging public decency acts for which they can be penalized. If such acts take place in front of persons, an audience or a gathering, offenders can face the applicable legislation in this sense. Moreover, if an individual makes an arrangement with another one to adopt an inappropriate conduct, then this is a case of outraging public decency, and a serious offence, according to the Criminal Law Act 1977. The xposure and out of the limits sexual behaviors in front of other people are also considered outraging public decency. Persons involved in such cases can be arrested by the police in UK for at least 24 hours. This is a case where your defence lawyer in London can apply for bail on your behalf, in order to be released from prison until further confrontations with the authorities.

Other forms of outraging public decency act in UK

Obscene acts come in many forms, and one of them is linked to the publication of obscene articles which can affect certain people or individuals. Such articles may contain explicit stories with sexual suggestive information aiming a certain individual in public. It is strictly forbidden to publish an obscene article and damage the reputation of a person or simply address in an unfitting manner to the public. Persons accused of such offences can face imprisonment up to 6 months and pay certain fines. On a summary conviction, the offender can serve 5 years in jail. If you want a proper defence in front of the authorities when found guilty of outraging public decency, regardless of the form, it is best to hire a criminal defence solicitor in London. We remind that our team of lawyers can properly analyze such cases, the grounds, and the circumstances and will act in accordance with the law in UK, in order to obtain suitable results in your case.

What is cottaging?

Cottaging means having sexual activities in a public lavatory, an outrageous act which is against the law in UK. No matter if such act involves homosexual or heterosexual persons, it is good to know that if found guilty of cottaging, individuals can receive 6 months imprisonment and a serious fine. Both penalties can be imposed, depending on the case, the circumstances and consequences (for instance, a child can be a witness by accident in such a situation).

What is sexual exposure?

According to the Sexual Offences Act 2003, persons who expose their private parts in front of the public can be arrested for inappropriate behavior and can face 6 months sentence plus a fine on summary conviction. Moreover, 2 years imprisonment can be issued on indictment, depending on the seriousness of the case, but instead of dealing with such verdict, it is best to solicit the legal support from our defence solicitors in London who can properly represent your case in the court of law in UK.

The Sexual Offences Act 2003

Sexual offences like rape, sexual assault, assault by penetration and causing a person to engage in a sexual act without consent are the common offences strictly forbidden in UK. The Sexual Offences Act 2003 covers all of the above-mentioned illegal acts in UK and provides details and information about the penalties and sentences for such outrageous public acts which unfortunately take place. According to SOA 2003, a rape is a sexual act with a person who did not express the consent in this sense. Life imprisonment is issued in the case an offender is found guilty of rape in UK. The sexual assault is the type of offence that involves persons who touch other persons in a sexual manner and without consent. Offenders found guilty of sexual assault can go straight to jail for at least 6 months. If it proves the case is serious, meaning that the sexual assault turned into rape, the situation will be treated differently in the court of law and offenders involved can receive life sentence instead of 10 years imprisonment for sexual assault. Encouraging a person to have sexual intercourse with another person and without consent is definitely against the laws in UK. According to the Sexual Offences Act 2003, if such case reveals the grounds of a rape, the criminal can receive the maximum penalty. The proceedings in such cases may prolong for a long time because complete attention is asked for, especially in matters of evidence, circumstances, witnesses, and grounds. An experienced criminal defence solicitor in London is needed in such case, and we remind that our team of advisors is at your disposal with a solid defence in the Crown Court in UK. We remind that if an outraging public decency turns into a serious sexual offence, the need for legal support is highly recommended.

Outraging public decency and the restrictions in UK

Without any questions, the sexual acts, the obscene behaviors or any inappropriate conducts which take place in front of other people, whether outdoor or indoor, are against the law in UK. Individuals who sexually expose themselves in public in a disgusting and unwanted manner are subject to serious offences for which they can be punished with imprisonment for a specific period of time, with certain fines or both. There is no concession for persons with deviant behavior that turns into obscene conduct in public, except the individuals with mental illness proved by a medical certificate in this sense. The legislation is also strict in the cases of publication of obscene articles, blogs, stories, commentaries or critiques which comprise sexual details that can affect a specific public or persons. It is strictly forbidden to public explicit and sexual information which can be easily accessed by any individual, including children and teenagers. Even though the individual accused of such outraging public offences in UK receives imprisonment and fines, it will be quite difficult for minors to get over such inappropriate acts without receiving particular assistance in this matter. As for the defence for outraging public decency, our team of criminal defence solicitors in London will act in the best interest of their clients, in front of the authorities, regardless of the accusations involved. It is highly recommended to ask for legal assistance and decide on our team of advisors because they are specialized in cases of outraging public decency and can properly represent you in the court of law in UK and the competent authorities.

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