Defence for Teenagers Held in Custody

Updated on Thursday 15th December 2016

Defence for Teenagers Held in Custody Image
Teenagers under 18 who committed different crimes can be held in custody in special centers for minors. This kind of punishment is available for youngsters who deal with serious crimes, who have a criminal background or who are considered a major risk to the community. If your child is accused of criminal offences and held in custody, you should solicit legal assistance and guidance from our defence lawyers in London.

The meaning of custody for teenagers in the UK

The Youth Justice Board is in charge of sending the child into a custody of a center after which will be considered by taking into account factors like the age and the closeness of the teenager's home. There are three types of custody centers in the UK, such as:

•    the secure training centers are controlled by private institutions and are intended to take care of teenagers of maximum 17 years old. There are certain afterschool courses meant to change the social behavior of the young people and to integrate them back into society;
•    the young offender institutions are controlled by the Prison Service and deal with persons between 15 and 21 years old. The integration process contains special programs for their ages, but with full accent of each behavior;
•    the secure children’s home is supervised by the local authorities and is meant for children with ages between 10 and 14. This type of custody involves more than 30 hours of training and education, with the primary school courses.

Before imposing the custody, the authorities in charge will need to analyze why youngsters committed the offences, what kind of background they have back home and if the parents are offering the suitable education. Our criminal defence solicitors in London will properly analyze the case and the crimes of the accused youngster and then will provide him with the necessary legal help. The lawyer can solicit fewer custody days if the crime is not severe and the child is not considered dangerous to the society.

Details about the custody for young offenders in the UK

If custody has been offered to a young offender, he will be supervised by an officer in charge of his well-being in the special secure center. If the child needs health support, he will be examined by the medical staff, and suitable treatment will be offered. There are many young boys and girls who deal with drugs and alcohol, therefore, a special attention and care will be provided for them.

Regarding the personal officer, he will be in charge of verifying and taking care of the child held in the secure center. He must see if he attends to the special courses and if he is willing to change the behavior and readjust. If the teenager held in custody thinks he cannot speak for himself, he should solicit legal help from our UK defence lawyer. He can evaluate the situation and can use the legal methods for the child’s best interests.

If you wish to find out more about the defence for teenagers held in custody, you are invited to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.