Defence for Unlawful Killings in UK

Updated on Tuesday 24th April 2018

The unlawful killings are the crimes in which a person kills another one. Murders in UK are serious offences for which the offenders can face imprisonment. In the UK applicable law, there are particular definitions for unlawful killings. As for the defence of a person accused of murder in UK, it is strongly recommended for him/her to get in touch with our criminal defence lawyers in London.

What is an unlawful killing?

An unlawful killing is defined by the UK law in two ways, meaning that a murder is seen as a murder if:
  • an individual is unlawfully murdered by someone else, regardless of the circumstances;
  • the offender acted unlawfully with the intention of killing an individual.
The attempted murder is the situation in which a person tried to kill someone, but instead, the victim survived the attack. Being accused of murder will send the offender to jail and trial as soon as the evidence in this sense has been gathered. It is strongly suggested to ask for the legal support and representation of a criminal solicitor in UK, as he/she can offer a proper defence for your murder case.

The intention to kill

According to the UK legislation, the intention to kill a person is a serious criminal offence for which imprisonment is issued. Even if someone caused grievous bodily harm, also known as GBH, until the person died, the offender will be accused of unlawful killing for which a trial will be prepared in UK. If you have been accused of crimes in UK, you should know that our defence solicitors in UK can provide you with the necessary legal support, can represent your case and can sustain you throughout the legal procedures in UK.

What is the punishment for murder in UK?

According to the Murder Act 1995, from which the death penalty was abolished, persons accused and found guilty of crimes in UK can be sentenced to life. In this case, one should know that the court of law in UK will settle the tariff or the number of years for punishment. Depending on the type of murder, there are 3 categories with three different sentences, such as:
  • the 1st category of murder which is the most serious and where the criminal can obtain life imprisonment;
  • the 2nd category of murder for which a person can face 30 years of imprisonment or more;
  • the 3rd category involves residual murder for which the imprisonment starts with 18 years.
A solid and structured defence can help offenders in the court of law when debating the circumstances of a crime. Please feel free to contact our team of criminal defence lawyers in UK for complete legal support.