Getting Parole in Case of Young Criminals in UK

Updated on Sunday 25th June 2017

Getting Parole in Case of Young Criminals in UK Image
Youngsters under 18 or adults with ages between 18 and 21 who commit serious crimes can receive fixed-term sentences or life imprisonment, according to the gravity of the crimes. There are cases when young criminals can obtain parole under certain conditions and can be released from prison before the sentence ends, under strict supervision. In such cases, our defence solicitors in London can offer legal support and representation in the court of law. 

Conditions to apply for parole as a young criminal in UK

A young criminal who serves a sentence and is under 18 or 21 has the possibility to obtain parole and to be released from prison, if he/she meets all the requirements, before the term and under strict supervision. If a youngster received at least four years of imprisonment in the UK and already served two years, he/she can apply for parole, particularly in cases when an automatically released from prison is not available after two years of imprisonment. As for the youngsters over 18 who deal with a life imprisonment, they can apply for parole with the help of the authorities. We remind that applying for parole requires complete attention on the case and comprehensive legal support, therefore, we suggest you to solicit help and legal advice from our criminal lawyer in UK.

Your case file at the Parole Board in UK

Besides dealing with the required forms,  the Parole Board in the UK will need information about the criminal background of the young offender, if he/she had a proper behavior while serving the sentence and if he/she is ready to reintegrate back into the society. The Parole Board in the UK will analyze the case file and, if the young criminal meets all the requirements for parole, the decision will be favourable. Please consider that the Parole Board can ask for a victim’s declaration to see if this person agrees to the possibility of the offender to be released and if he/she can still be considered a threat. 

The parole hearing in the UK

Any parole case in the UK cannot be judged only with papers and declarations. A parole hearing is mandatory before making any decision in the case of a youngster who serves sentence for different serious crimes. In this stage, the young criminal needs to sustain the reasons why a parole needs to be granted in his/her case, and what the plans are once the release from prison is obtained. The behavior in prison, the possibility of being a threat to the society, the previous crimes (if there are any) and a medical analysis will weigh much at the parole hearing, besides the statement of the offender. We remind that the presence of your defence lawyer in UK is mandatory when dealing with the parole hearing in the court of law. 

Getting parole as a youngster in the UK is a serious matter where complete legal support is necessary. We invite you to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London for further information in this matter.

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