How can UK Defence Solicitors Help You When Charged with a Crime?

Updated on Friday 25th November 2016

How can UK Defence Solicitors Help You When Charged with a Crime? Image
If you have been charged with a crime and arrested by the police you have the right to defend yourself and also to ask for legal assistance. Our criminal defence solicitors in London can offer guidance, information and assistance if you have been charged with robbery, money laundering, drug offences or serious offences, right at the police station, if you have been arrested.


The main defence steps in a criminal charge for an individual

An individual can be held for 24 hours at the police station, but the custody may be longer if the case is severe and requires time to be verified. The Magistrates court in the UK is in charge of setting the bail, if certain terms and conditions apply. The defence solicitor in London will properly analyze your case and will offer legal assistance in order to receive the bail for release, until the first Court hearing.

There are certain conditions required when the bail is granted for the defendant and here we mention the weekly reporting at the police station, offering details about the current address and giving the passport for not leaving the country. It is good to know that an individual charged with armed robbery or crime or has a criminal background may not receive bail.

The first hearing at the Magistrates Court in the UK

The Magistrates Court deals with less serious crimes and the Crown Court is in charge with the most severe cases. If you are charged with a crime, the Magistrates Court will provide you with a hearing date, when you can be assisted by our criminal lawyer in London. After pleading guilty or not, a trial will be set and if you are found not guilty, you will be out of charges and free to go. If you are found guilty, the problem turns into something more serious because it involves a sentence imposed by the UK authorities. It is good to know that you can appeal the verdict to the Court of Appeal if procedural mistakes have been found or if the given sentence is not aligned with the law. The defence lawyer will verify once again the case and will carry on with the procedures for the appeals in thr UK.

Your rights at the police station

First of all, you have the right to receive legal advice with the help of a defence lawyer. If there isn’t enough evidence, the police can release you on bail with certain conditions. But if the authorities think you may commit another criminal offence, not appear at the first hearing or you may intimidate the witnesses involved in your case, they may apply some legal restrictions with the bail for release.

Our team of solicitors in London can offer you legal assistance from the moment you have been charged with a particular offence until the time of your release or trial, if the case requires. You can contact us for additional information.