How Suspects are Presented in Media in UK

Updated on Saturday 24th March 2018

Having access to top technology linked to media can be, at certain points, the proper help when looking for suspects on the loose. Press nowadays has enough resources to present details about particular crimes and the accused persons involved, but it is extremely important to reveal the type of information which won’t affect the course of the investigation. If you are an individual with legal problems or kept in police custody, you can get in touch with our criminal defence solicitors in London for legal advice.

What kind of information can be offered by media in UK

TV and radio news can help in many cases the authorities who want to catch a suspect, as there are persons who can identify a person by a picture seen on TV or on social media. It is though recommended to offer particular information about the suspects, and the authorities in UK can restrict the access to the name or other identifying details at a certain time if the police investigation won’t lead to a criminal prosecution. This kind of information can be available for broadcasting in UK. Being accused of crimes in UK may lead to imprisonment if found guilty. It is suggested to talk to a criminal lawyer in UK  for complete support and legal assistance.

Using only official data

The seriousness of a crime in UK will definitely raise the attention of media, and at this point, both parties, TV and the UK police, can collaborate by exchanging information. It is good to know that TV, radio and other media channels must offer only the official data provided by the police in UK, such as the name of the individual, the age, the occupation and the criminal record if it is any. It is extremely important to respect the police release and to offer the accurate information on media without interrupting the course of an investigation. Moreover, the cases where minors are involved are extremely sensitive, and particular attention is recommended. The police can refuse to offer the picture of such suspect or any related information.

If your child has been accused of crimes in UK, we suggest you contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London for complete support.