How to Change a Child's Litigation Friend in UK

Updated on Monday 31st July 2017

How to Change a Child's Litigation Friend in UK Image
Persons who are mentally ill or children under 18 involved in serious cases and who cannot represent themselves in the court of law have the possibility to ask for a litigation friend who can speak on their behalf. This litigation friend can be appointed with the help of criminal defence solicitors in London who can also offer legal support starting from the police custody and end in the court of law. The same team can provide you with legal advice, no matter the type of accusations you have been involved in.

The tasks of a litigation friend in UK

Mentally disordered individuals or youngsters involved in a serious case with severe consequences have the right to defend themselves in front of the authorities with the help of a litigation friend if a solicitor does not represent his/her case or cannot afford one.  Before choosing a litigation friend, which can be a family member, we remind that he/she won’t have the legal power in the court of law as a criminal solicitor in London. The authorities in UK are the ones who can establish the eligibility of a litigation friend and if such person needs to be involved in a trial. We remind that for a better representation of your case where serious charges are involved you should solicit help and legal advice from our criminal lawyer in UK.

How to replace a youngster’s litigation friend in UK

A litigation friend can be replaced from varied reasons and the procedure involves the same court which established the first litigation friend in the case of a youngster who deals with legal problems. It is necessary to consider that a litigation friend can be replaced if he/she can no longer represent the best interests of a child or for different reasons is not available to the courts’ hearing. Persons who want to nominate themselves as litigation friends must comply with the courts’ rules and regulations in this matter and to draft particular forms and provide information about the child involved and his/her existing litigation friends.

The court of law that manages the cases of young criminals is the one that provides details about the eligibility of a person as a litigation friend. Please consider that our criminal solicitors in London can offer legal representation in cases of serious offences where mentally ill persons or teenagers are involved.

For additional details about how to replace a litigation friend, we remind that you can contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.

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