How to Obtain Parole in the UK

Updated on Monday 13th March 2017

How to Obtain Parole in the UK Image
A person can obtain parole in the UK or released from prison in certain conditions if the committee agrees that the offender can integrate back into the society. Our criminal defence solicitors in London can provide you with legal assistance if you are held in custody and you want to obtain parole. Besides that, our team can help you in any criminal case you might be involved, for a best possible result.


Conditions to get parole in the UK

Persons found guilty and imprisoned for a specific period in the UK have the possibility to apply for parole if they have a good behavior during this time, with no incidents of any form. The parole board in the UK is in charge with the applications of prisoners who want to obtain parole, including the ones with a life sentence. The entire case needs to be properly analyzed by the board and also verified by your defence solicitor in the UK. When applying for a parole in the UK, one should know that he/she needs to obtain a hearing with the board parole, where the presence of your attorney is mandatory.

We remind that our team of criminal solicitors in London has a vast experience in parole cases, and we recommend you to ask for legal guidance in this important matter, and avoid defending or representing yourself.

Conditions that come with the parole in the UK

Once you have obtained parole you can be sent to an open prison with lower security and have access to open space activities. It is good to know that your situation and status will be reviewed periodically and if you fulfill with the enforced condition and you provide a good behavior, the next step will involve your definitive release from prison. If your parole application has been rejected, you have the right to ask for a judicial review and mention if you consider your case has not been sufficiently and suitably verified. 

We strongly recommend getting in touch with our team of criminal defence solicitors in London for extra details about how to obtain parole in the UK.