How to Report the Benefit Fraud in UK

Updated on Thursday 28th December 2017

The benefit fraud is considered a serious offence for which countries worldwide are trying to find solutions to stop such issue. In UK, fraud is met in a wide range of forms, but persons who detect in time a crime like this can address to the authorities in charge. Before making any decision in this situation, an individual can talk to one of our criminal lawyers in London for legal advice and related aspects.

What does the benefit fraud represent?

For varied reasons or personal concerns, individuals turn into criminals by committing crimes related to fraud. Even if at the beginning it seems like an easy way to gain money, obviously through illegal methods, the benefit fraud represents a serious concern to the authorities who want to develop awareness among people and encourage them to report such crimes as soon as they have been detected. A benefit fraud represents the illegitimate way of gaining money or claiming benefits like social contributions or related items without having rights in this matter. In such severe cases of fraud, many individuals use false identities to gain illegal funds.

If you are aware of such case or you are a witness to a situation of benefit fraud, it is best to report to the authorities. Furthermore, it is advised to ask for legal support which can be offered on request by our criminal solicitors in UK.

Reporting the benefit fraud in UK

Without any questions, the benefit fraud is against the law and persons accused of such crimes can face penalties and/or imprisonment. The Department of Work and Pensions Fraud and Error Service is the authority in charge of dealing with benefit fraud reported by persons in UK. This institution strongly relates to other authorities which can investigate the benefit fraud cases in the country, and persons who discover or are witness to such crimes are suggested to take action and report the problems accordingly. Also, if you consider that a person took advantage of certain benefits for which you are entitled to, in agreement with the law, you may address to the authorities and make a report, with complete support offered by our criminal defence solicitors in London.

Reporting the benefit fraud in UK is an easy and recommended process, but for obtaining positive results, we kindly invite you to contact our team of criminal defence lawyers in UK.