How You Can Leave Prison for a Short Period of Time

Updated on Saturday 10th June 2017

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Persons who are in detention in the UK have the possibility to be released for a short period of time if the circumstances are favorable. They can apply for parole or for probation in UK, but with complete help and legal help, which is why we recommend our team or defence solicitors in London who are experienced in such cases. If certain conditions are met, a prisoner can leave detention, if the criminal background has been analyzed and if they won't represent a threat to the society.

Conditions to be temporarily released from prison in UK

There are cases in the UK where offenders can be temporarily released from detention, especially if the custody time is about to end. It is good to know that a prisoner must meet a few essential conditions and if the magistrates consider he/she is not a threat to the society, then he/she can be released from prison. A sentenced individual can leave the prison if:

•    a good behavior has been adopted;
•    the sentence is for about one year;
•    he/she waits for the trial;
•    probation can be obtained.

We remind that the authorities who consider a prisoner can do other criminal offences and if he/she has a criminal record, they will not approve the release from prison of a criminal for a short period of time. Complete information in this matter can be solicited from our criminal lawyers in UK.

Types of resettlements available for prisoners in UK

According to the intentions and status of a prisoner, the authorities can grant a resettlement day which means a person gets out of detention during the day, in order to attend to special courses or to find work once they are released for good. As for the resettlement overnight, an offender can visit his/her house which will use after the detention is over. Even persons with children to take care of have the possibility to be released from detention for a short period of time. This is called childcare resettlement license and it is available only for imprisoned parents who are the only tutors of their children after they will leave prison at the end of the sentence.

Any other questions you might have about how you can leave prison for a short period of time, you may address and get in touch with our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.

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