Legal Representation for Criminal Damage

Updated on Wednesday 16th August 2017

Legal Representation for Criminal Damage Image
The criminal damage is considered an offence, and it is banned by the law. It represents a situation where a person destroys his/her own or someone’s  belongings from varied reasons. According to the Criminal Damage Act, such serious offences are punished with penalties or imprisonment, depending on the gravity of the damage. If you have been accused of criminal damage, it is best to ask for legal support from our criminal defence solicitors in London.

Racist criminal damage in UK

A criminal damage can take place under varied reasons, for instance, a person can be determined by religious or racial grounds to act in an aggressive manner and destroy someone’s property. Besides that, a criminal damage can be part of a burglary, theft or robbery, serious crimes for which an individual is arrested and convicted. According to the value of the damage, whether it is high or low and if the offence has also racial grounds, the court of law will determine the sentence in this case. Our defence solicitors in London deal with varied offences and can offer legal support in any case.

How to determine the amount of damage

In order to not be deprived of the rights in the court of law, the amount of damage needs to be suitably determined. After the parties involved in a trial presented the facts and the circumstances of a criminal damage case, the court will establish the value of the property or assets involved. There are cases where the value of a damage cannot be determined or it is unclear, a situation where the defendant needs to accept a summary trial. No matter the circumstances and the evidence presented in a case of criminal damage, our defence solicitors in London can help with legal advice and complete representation in the court of law.

How can we help in cases of criminal damage?

With the evidence presented in the court of law in cases of criminal damage offences in the UK, and if the value of the damaged property has been established, the court of law can impose fines, imprisonment or both. Such verdicts can be appealed with complete legal support offered by our criminal lawyers in UK. The same team can also help you apply for bail before the first hearing in a criminal damage case in UK.

For additional information about how we can represent you in a case of criminal damage in UK, please feel free to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.