Legal Representation in a Domestic Abuse Case in UK

Updated on Saturday 08th April 2017

Legal Representation in a Domestic Abuse Case in UK Image
If you are a victim of a domestic abuse in the UK and you want to report to the authorities such severe situation, it is recommended to solicit legal assistance from our criminal defence lawyers in London. With a comprehensive experience in this area, our team can properly analyze your situation and can represent you in the court of law. You can also receive legal help if you have been accused and kept into custody for serious offences in the UK.

What is the meaning of domestic abuse?

A threatening behaviour, violence abuse in the family, domestic incidents, emotional abuse are only a few forms of the domestic abuses which are severely punished in the UK. Controlling the finances of someone or taking someone else’s money with no rights are also offences that enter in the same category of domestic abuse. According to the Serious Crime Act 2015 in the UK, the following criminal offences are considered abuses and punished with penalties and imprisonment if the case is severe:

•    sexual abuse;
•    coercive control;
•    blackmail;
•    stalking;
•    online abuse;
•    forced marriage;

If you are a victim of a domestic abuse or if you are accused of the offences mentioned above, it is recommended to ask legal help from our criminal solicitors in UK

How can we help you in cases of domestic abuse cases in UK?

Confidentiality and complete support can be obtained from our team of lawyers in London, no matter the gravity of the case. Domestic abuse survivors in the UK need to understand the importance of the case and must provide complete information about the situation they deal with. On the other side, if you consider you have been falsely accused of domestic abuse, it is strongly recommended to seek for advice and legal representation in the court of law. Given the grounds and the circumstances of the made accusations, our team will bring the full support in the magistrates’ court and will sustain your declarations and evidence. If you are in police custody, we remind that you have the right to apply for bail under certain conditions.

Additional information and details about the domestic abuse and the legal advice in such case can be obtained from our team of criminal defence solicitors in London, so contact us right away.