Legislation in Case of Fraud

Updated on Sunday 04th December 2016

Legislation in Case of Fraud Image
The fraud by false representation, the fraud by failing to disclose information and fraud by abuse of the position are major offences with severe punishments in the UK. The Fraud Act 2006 stipulates the meaning of the mentioned offences above and the sentences for each one of them. For a better understanding of the legislation in case of fraud in the UK, you may receive information and details from our defence solicitors in London.

What is the fraud by false representation?

An individual who uses false representation in order to obtain benefits or to cause loss to another person is more likely to be punished for such crime. The false representation can take place in different forms, even as an act of phishing, where emails are sent in order to receive details about private bank accounts. In such cases, the prosecutors can ask for victims to show proof and to provide the needed documentation and even the computer for full analysis. This kind of phishing or cyber crime may involve certain emails categorized as spam, which can be easily deleted by many persons worldwide, therefore, a proper investigation will be necessary, in order to see the damage and to give a correct verdict. If you find yourself in this situation, you should solicit legal advice from our criminal lawyers in London.

What is the fraud by failing to disclose information?

This type of crime implies persons who dishonestly fail to disclose or to reveal certain information although his legal duty forces him to do so. The intention of failing to disclose information  may lead to loss and all kinds of risks for different individuals or companies.

It is good to know that an individual in a fiduciary position has the obligation to disclose substantial information when submitting a contract with the beneficiary, meaning that failure to make such release will enable the receiver to cancel the agreement and to regain any assets relocated under it. This kind of situation requires assistance and legal representation from our criminal defence solicitor in London.

What is the fraud by abuse of position?

A person who owns a certain position in which he needs to protect the financial interests of a company and instead acts in order to make quick gains or to cause a loss is suspect of fraud by abuse of position. Many employers and companies are exposed to such crimes, and besides that, obtaining services fraudulently will definitely be punished according to the rules and regulations in the UK.
Related to the UK investigations, there have been more than 200 cases of serious frauds with a total value of about £ 640 million.

The mortgage fraud enters in the same category and the authorities have developed different methods to fight against these crimes in the recent years. The Fraud Act  2006 came into force in January 2007 and offers the constitutional meaning to the criminal offences in the UK.

Please feel free to contact our team of defence solicitors in London if you want additional details about the legislation in case of fraud in the UK.