Legislation in Case of Theft

Updated on Wednesday 01st June 2016

Legislation in Case of Theft Image
Theft has a very general legal sense which may include more than one category and numerous degrees of delinquencies. The term theft is used generally to indicate crimes concerning the taking of an individual's property or belongings without their consent. The taking element in a theft typically requires seizing possession of property that belongs to another and may also involve removing or attempting to remove the property. However, it is the element of intent where most of the complex legal challenges typically arise in theft-related cases.

Degrees and types of theft

Main questions in theft cases are: what kind of property was stolen and how much the property was a real value. This fixes the category and/or degree of theft charges that a defendant could handle. Numerous jurisdictions make degrees of theft crimes and for instance, a third-degree theft might be a misdemeanor concerning property with a moderately low market price. However, a first-degree theft could be categorized as a delinquency with stolen property valued above a limit confirmed by law. 

Petty Theft

Petty or "petit" thefts usually happen when an individual steals property below a certain price definite by law. The amount at which a theft is categorized "petty" varies depending on the jurisdiction, but a couple of examples would be possessions worth less than £385 or £770. Petty thefts are commonly considered as fairly minor crimes, also known as misdemeanors or misbehaviors.

Grand Theft

Grand theft happens when a property is stolen and is worth more than the limit for petty theft. Normally, the market value of the property at the time it is stolen is used to define that property's value for uses of petty or theft chargesGrand theft or similar violations, such as grand larceny, are categorized as felonies in all countries. This is the most severe type of offenses and can have serious consequences for persons condemned crimes like that.

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