Legislation Regarding Young Offenders

Updated on Wednesday 12th October 2016

Legislation Regarding Young Offenders Image
Persons under 18 who commit different offences can be taken into custody by the authorities and placed in safe centers for young individuals with law problems. Such offenders can receive custodial sentences, youth rehabilitation orders or fines, according to their crimes. If you are under 18 and have committed a certain offence, it is good to know that you can receive legal assistance from our defence solicitors in London.

Who can be sentenced in the UK?

A young individual can receive a custodial punishment, if he committed crimes before, if the crime is severe enough and there are no other options, and if the judge believes the teenager is a threat to a community. The Youth Justice Board in the UK is the suitable organization that can send young offenders to certain secure centers in the country, taking into consideration if such places can offer proper treatments if necessary, or if it’s near the youngster’s home.

What happens with the young people held in custody?

When young offenders are kept in custody in specific centers in the UK, they will have to respect the rules and to participate in certain programmes to improve and change the behavior. And besides that, they will take part in different sports activities and will learn certain skills, in order to get a job or to get back to school when the custody period is over. If there are young offenders with drug and alcohol problems, they will receive special attention and assistance.

Youth cautions in the UK

According to the Legal Aid Sentencing and Punishment of Offenders Act 2012, youth cautions are controlled by the police, and are planned to provide a balanced and operative reaction to antisocial behavior, and can be used in any criminal offence cases, if certain conditions are met:

•    the offender has admitted the inappropriate behaviour or criminal offence;
•    the police consider it has sufficient proof to charge the individual with a criminal offence;
•    the authorities will review the criminal record, in order to issue a youth caution

Our UK criminal defence solicitors can provide you with information and guidance about the legislation regarding young offenders in the UK.

The implications of a youth rehabilitation order

A young offender can receive a youth rehabilitation order, which is a community sentence with numerous conditions that he needs to submit to a period of up to three years. Supervision, drug treatment, monitoring, education conditions, curfew or mental health treatment are among the conditions of a rehabilitation order in the UK.

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