List of Criminal Offences in UK (III)

Updated on Monday 01st August 2016

List of Criminal Offences in UK (III) Image
Apart from criminal offences against a person, a property, firearms and offensive weapons, forgery, personation and cheating criminal offences, as well as harmful or dangerous drugs criminal offences, the list of criminal offences in UK continues below.

Criminal offences against the state

The criminal offences against the state in UK are comprised of the following acts:

•    High disloyalty;
•    Misprision of disloyalty;
•    Compounding disloyalty; 
•    Attempt to harm or alarm the Sovereign, as stated by the Treason Act 1842;
•    Disdain of the Sovereign;
•    Terrorism connected offences;
•    Transactioning  with the enemy;
•    Offences stated by the Official Secrets Acts, regarding individuals working with secret data;
•   Offences stated by the Incitement to Disaffection Act 1034, involving offences to attempt to corrupt a member of HM Forces (British Armed Forces) from his duties;
•    Triggering disaffection, as ruled by the Police Act 1996;
•    Triggering disaffection, as stated by the Ministry of Defence Police Act 1987;
•    Inciting to sedition or disaffection, as ruled by the Aliens Restriction (Amendment) Act 1919;
•    Offences of enabling and helping desertion under military legislation;
•    Other type of offences.

Our solicitors in London can offer detailed information on what these criminal offences in UK against the state consist of.

Criminal offences against the administration of public justice

These types of criminal offences in UK include the following:

•    Committing an act tending and with the intention of perverting a public justice course;
•    Concealing evidence;
•    Contempt of a court;
•    Intimidation, as stated by the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994;
•    Attempting or threatening to take revenge, as ruled by the Criminal Justice and Public Order Act 1994;
•    Perjury;
•    Making a fake statutory declaration;
•    Making false evidence;
•    Other offences.

Other criminal offences in UK include offences against religion and public worship, public order offences and offences against public morals and public policy. For more details on them, please contact our team of defence solicitors in London