Offences Classification in the UK

Updated on Wednesday 19th October 2016

Offences Classification in the UK Image
Felonies and misdemeanors are serious offences in the UK and are condemned according to certain rules and regulations in the country. There are three categories of offences in the UK, and those are indictable only, summary only and either way. In this article, you will find details about these types of offences. It is good to know that you can receive legal assistance and guidance from our criminal defence solicitors in London if you are accused of criminal offences in the UK.

Indictable only offences in the UK – short review

This group of offences is related to manslaughter, serious harm, murder and theft, and is the most serious of all. For these types of crimes, the detention differs and can be quite serious, if there are severe consequences. An individual accused of theft charges will be the sent to the Magistrates’ Court in the UK, in order to see if bail can apply. In a case of murder or manslaughter, the Crown Court is in charge with granting the bail.

Summary only offences in the UK – short analysis

In this category of faults, we mention the driving offences, where an individual drives using inappropriate maneuvers, assaults someone in traffic, or adopts offensive words that lead to fear of violence to a person in traffic. These types of offences are dealt by the Magistrates’ Court in the UK, and the maximum detention is 6 months.

Either way offences in the UK – Short review

This category refers to a minor and very serious offence and is dealt by the Crown Court and the Magistrates’ Court in the UK. Theft charges are part of either way offences, and circumstances are quite different. For instance, an individual who steals lots of money from a bank will not receive the same punishment as someone who shoplifts. Besides theft charges, we remind that burglary, possession of drugs and handling stolen goods enter the category of either way offences. If you are accused of the offences mentioned above, you should solicit help and legal assistance from our defence lawyers in London.

What are oddities?

There are certain offences that cannot enter the classifications mentioned above, therefore, are named oddities. Criminal damage, attacking a prison officer and common assault are the main offences of this category. Most of these delinquencies are dealt by the Magistrates’ Court in the UK.

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