Parole Hearing in UK

Updated on Tuesday 13th June 2017

Parole Hearing in UK Image
According to the legislation in the UK, a person who serves a sentence can be released on parole if certain conditions are met. But before this step, an offender need to be heard by a Parole Board which is entitled to make a decision in this matter. If you want to obtain a parole, it is advisable to ask for help and legal advice from our defence solicitors in London. Our team can offer comprehensive support in varied criminal cases in UK.

Conditions to obtain a parole hearing

If the Parole Board in UK considers a prisoner has chances to be released under open conditions or if additional evidence is necessary, the offender can obtain a parole hearing. The Parole Board in UK consists of three members who are entitled to analyze the file and the background of a prisoner who wants to be released on parole. At the parole hearing, the magistrates in charge of your case will know all the details about your behavior in the prison and will want to know what you are going to do if released from custody. If there are no suspicions that further criminal offences will be made and if you won’t be considered a public threat, the Parole Board can grant you the release from prison. It is recommended to solicit legal support from our defence lawyers in UK, before dealing with the parole hearing.

Who can be present to your parole hearing in the UK?

Besides your solicitor in London, the parole hearing can be assisted by a psychologist, witnesses and even the victims involved in your case. We remind that legal aid can be obtained if you cannot afford a lawyer who can assist your case, including while on a parole hearing. Once the parole hearing has ended, the board will have some time to make a decision in your case. This is going to be written as an official document which will be presented to your attorney. If you haven’t obtained the release on parole, you have the chance to appeal the decision.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London for comprehensive information about the parole hearing in UK.