Private and Public Hearings in UK

Updated on Friday 30th March 2018

Hearings of cases in the court of law in UK can be public or private, with members part of the general public or not. Depending on the type of case, whether serious (crimes, rapes, etc.) or not, the magistrate can decide on the hearings. Our criminal defence solicitors in London can offer in-depth information in this sense and furthermore, they can represent individuals accused of crimes in the court of law.

What is a private hearing in UK?

There are many reasons why a hearing in the court of law in UK can be held in private, meaning no public allowed. One of them is the publicity which can affect the overall case and the investigations if exposed in front of other persons or even in media. If confidential information is involved in a hearing, then the case must be private. Moreover, cases can be held in private for complete protection of the children and parents linked to the case as victims or as witnesses. Criminal hearings with minors, criminal investigations, and cases of sexual offences are usually held in private. In-depth information about the reasons why hearings can be held in private in the court of law can be explained by our criminal lawyers in UK.

Public hearings in UK

The court proceedings in UK can be open for public considering the fact that people need to know the direction of the justice and the related administration in this sense. If the case involves no information which might threaten the national security, then the hearings can be public. Likewise, if the information about the criminals involved in a case is not confidential, then the trial is open to the general public. There are cases in which the hearings in the court of law in UK are open to the public but restricted to media. This means that no TV&radio and any other form of press can be part of the hearing. We remind that the seriousness of the criminal case is settled by the magistrates who decide whether the hearings must be public or private.

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