The Admissibility of an Expert Witness in UK

Updated on Monday 26th November 2018

The expert evidence is necessary in the court of law in certain cases in which particular things must be explained in front of the authorities. An expert witness can be helpful because he/she has enough knowledge in his/her area of expertise and can explain specific matters related to the case. Those looking for legal support whether as persons accused of crimes or as witnesses should get in touch with our team of criminal defence solicitors in London.

The meaning of expert witness in UK

A financial accountant, a doctor, or an engineer may be solicited in the court of law to provide information in a particular case and make a testimony in this direction. They can offer evidence in front of the authorities due to their expertise in a certain field of interest. Letters, articles or publications can be used in the court of law by an expert witness. The support of an expert witness can be extremely useful in serious cases in which a verdict or a conclusion cannot be provided at a certain point. The Civil Procedure Rules need to be respected at the time an expert witness decides to be involved in a case. Moreover, the assistance of a criminal defence solicitor in London is highly recommended.

Deciding on the permissibility of an expert witness in UK

An expert witness is accepted in the court of law in UK under certain conditions. For example, he/she must provide the type of evidence that can be helpful in a criminal case and that can sustain a verdict. The qualifications of an expert will weigh much in front of the authorities if they provide the necessary qualifications and skills in a certain area of interest. It is good to know that the court of law in UK grants the approvals for expert witnesses to be present in a case. On the other hand, a judge is entitled to accept or reject a testimony made by an expert witness in the court of law, if he/she considers it is not relevant for the case.

When to consider the testimony of an expert witness

Complex cases in the court of law in UK may be subject to particular recommendations, and one of them is the acceptance of an expert witness who can give a testimony that might help. Normally, there is no need to ask for an expert witness in small cases, however, if this is the only solution, the magistrates must accept it.

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