The Data Protection Act in UK

Updated on Wednesday 24th May 2017

The Data Protection Act in UK Image
All organizations, companies, businesses or entities in the UK need to handle the personal data by respecting the Data Protection Act in UK. Particular rules must be considered in order to avoid breaking the law in this matter and face punishment. If you have been accused of illegal use of personal data which involved a cyber crime, it is best to ask for legal advice from our defence solicitors in London. Our team has a wide expertise in this area and can adopt a suitable approach in your case for a best possible result.

Data protection principles in the UK

Numerous people provide to organizations, institutions, companies or other important bodies, personal data such as the name, the address, the bank account number and many others. The organizations are enforced to protect all the personal data and to respect the principles in this matter, as mentioned in the Data Protection Act in UK. For instance, the personal data can be:

•    used for specific purposes;
•    cannot be directed to a third party without the consent of the person involved;
•    kept only for a specific amount of time;
•    handled in secure conditions;

Information like religious beliefs, political opinions, criminal record or health is considered personal data which cannot be used for other purposes but the ones established with the individual involved. We remind that the personal data used for internet frauds, phishing, or any other cyber crimes are considered serious offences in the UK and offenders accused of such crimes can be imprisoned. If you find yourself accused of fraud with personal data, you may solicit help and legal advice from our criminal lawyers in UK.

Why can personal information be kept by institutions in UK?

Organizations in the UK are entitled to keep the information related to the discovery or investigation of a serious crime, especially if it is a matter of national security. In cases of tax collection from citizens, the financial institutions have complete access to personal information in this matter and can collaborate with the police in cases of corruption or money laundering, as mentioned in the Data protection Act in UK. If you want to know what kind of information an organization holds about you, it is your right to solicit such data for a special fee.

Please do not hesitate to contact our team of criminal defence solicitors in London for questions regarding the Data Protection Act in UK.